My husband and I are both prior militiary. We have finally decided to leave USAA and are currently in search for a new financial institution. As other banks that have helocs - are currently offering them.  We don't want to leave because we have touted USAA for over 20+ years. But unfortunately the dishonesty (by way of failure to provide information on what the true issue really is) at this point, has really soured our opinion of USAA. So we are now going elsewhere.

We are not holding on to wishes and hopes for them to get things straightened out..... whatever their issues are.


We have never missed a payment or been late for anything and paid our prior 20 year Heloc off in only 6 years.

The fact that it has pushed us to this point is a sad day.


Personally, they keep referring to their banking partners... I want to know who are USAA's banking partners?

Maybe we can get an answer out of them, or maybe they are the issue. Whatever the case for any representative out there, your welcome to respond to this post. However, do not call us.

Just post your reply here so everyone can see your response.

This whole situtation with USAA just sickens us!




Dear WholeFamily,

Thank you for your posts in the community.


As moderators, we have a team of experts from each area in USAA, to help us answer member questions, concerns and address issues. It is that team that we refer to as our banking partners.


I apologize for being unable to address your other concerns. Your feedback and comments have been escalated. We would hate to see you and your family leave USAA. Thank you again for posting, for your feedback and for you and your husbands service.

awful right?!! It has seriously put us in the WORST position financially we have ever been in. what makes it even worst is that it is extremely hard to get approved for helocs at other financial institutions where you do not have an account.


We were also contacted by someone months ago from a complaint we made about it becoming unavailable while we were in the middle of the heloc process, and they told us the program would be up and running by end of summer. a couple of months later it was mid fall, now its next year!!


we had a $35,000 rennovation to do that we had to charge to our credit card, and the idea was to role that into the home equity when it became available. NOPE! we are paying interest so high now that its costing us over 1k a month. then on top of that, we tried to consolidate it into a "personal consolidation loan" moreso for interest concerns, and we were denied. Complained about that, received a phone call where they tried to "fix the issue" and still said oh sorry we still have to deny you because your debt is too high...WELL I WONDER WHY?!??!?!?! I am paying 1k a month into this debt, and you're telling me my debt is too high to get that lowered to $500/month  to be able to pay it down with a lower interest rate AFTER you are the reason why I am in this situation in the first place with the horrible lies about why the home equity is not available....?


I have never been so furious and fed up with any kind of business and service to a point where i have to vent in a forum........ Please run far away, once I am get settled with my new job i am full force running as far away as possible!