Just another "USAA is a bad choice for mortgages" post

I live in Chicago, where it is already really hard to buy a home with a VA loan because no one wants to deal with the hastle / long closing times.  I had to offer significantly more money, but my offer was accepted.  Now I get a loan processor, and call to ask a question- turns out he is out of office for the week and the I can't get through to anyone he has listed as a contact. 


Using USAA was a terrible mistake- it makes me sad because they used to be such a great bank, but over the last few years have really circled the drain.  I'm already under contract so I don't want to switch right now, but if (when) this deal falls through, I think it's time to find a new bank to call home.



Dear Trevor,

I apologize for the trouble you are having reaching your loan processor. I have escalated your comments here and a loan specialist should be reaching out shortly to make sure you have everything you need and answer your question. Thank you for taking the time to post here. I look forward to an update from you about how the remainder of your home buying goes.