I have always, always, been an advocate of USAA, selling their customer service, and a huge proponent of their banking and insurance products, but recenlty with a cross country move when I really needed them the most and thought USAA would be at least the one organization I could depend on with this most recent, stressful, and totally disorganized move I most recently made, I discovered they were the last ones I could depend on.  I went out of my way to increase my coverage, telephoned twice to ensure I had the right coverage, and since I am not the insurance expert, thought I asked the right questions to make sure I had the proper coverages to insure against damage to my household and personal belongings, based on the advise of the USAA representative, even followed their advice about hiring movers to pack my good rather than doing it myself.  Well, when I got to my destination and began the unload and found that just about 90% of my household good were damaged, I immediately telephoned USAA, and to make a long story short, I don't have the proper coverage at all, truly a heartbreake and disappointment.  I blame USAA 100%.  They are the insurance experts, the gurus, I rely on their expert knowledge and assistance to make recommendations and guide me through the process, not set me up for failure. So please take my advice, don't assume they are helping with anything, and have your best interest at heart, they may talk like it, but peeling back the layers, you may just find, big biz, is big biz.




Dear JC4011,

Oh no. 90% of your goods were damaged!? I cannot even imagine. I am so very sorry and sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your coverage and interactions with us. A specialist will be in touch shortly to further discuss your situation. Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community.

Dear Brianna,


I am not sure what other response USAA will give - but based on your reply to my post I will wait to see if and when I hear back.  I would hope to hear back.  As I said before, based on recommendations from USAA I tweaked my policies, and even paid professionals to move me, so that my items would be covered, as opposed to moving myself.  I feel left out to dry in this situation.  I followed the recommendations explcity made by the experts in this case, and now am left with nowhere else to turn. 


Thanks for your acknowledgement.



If you hired a moving company, you would first need to file a claim with them (and their insurance).  

Thanks DSTEXAS,  not my first Rodeo - I have moved several times in my lifetime, but I have never experienced such damage before - and prior to this move I did lots of prep work with my 'trusted' USAA representative to ensure I had the right coverage (even increased my coverage before the roadtrip); so maybe you can understand - now when I feel I need them by my side, and they are not there, I am feeling so alone and abandoned.

Also, I must add to my reply to DSTEXAS - USAA is telling me I DON'T have coverage - when they are the ones whose expertise I trusted to ensure I HAD THE CORRECT COVERAGE.

A valuable lesson here is trust but verify.  


What should happen and what most people skip, is reviewing your policy after it is drafted to ensure it included everything you wanted.  Breakdowns in verbal communication can and does happen often, and what one individual believes they understood, may not be what the other did.  This is why policies are provided in writing and take preference over any verbal agreements.


Best of luck in your endeavor