i am 1 week and 4 days from closing on the house I'm buying and the title company we're using hasn't even seen our packet yet. The people we're buying from are also buying a house and have a closing date 3 weeks after ours and the title company has their packet and it's just about done. I need help, I'm not happy with my mortgage processor. I need to be able to call some with authority to discuss the many problems I've had up to this point.

Thanks JJ1


It doesn't seem like you're the only person having trouble getting USAA to process their loan. I'm in the process of deciding on who to originate my loan with and USAA said it would be a minimum of 35 days to process. Yes their interest and PMI were lower than other lenders but the fees they charge are outrageous. I know they say they have a flat fee but then charging points so they can pay the company who will service your loan is a little nuts. I guess if you're planning on living in your home for 5+ years paying the points and getting the lower rates is ok but if you're like me and only planning on holding it for a few years it doesn't make sense.

Im using the Movers Advantage program which set me up with a local realtor. She's from Coldwell Banker and is a ton of help. Shes done plenty of VA loans and has worked with USAA on many sales. From what she tells me, USAA always sends the packet very close to the closing date. Sounds to me like its business as usual. Hope all goes well with your purchase.

Dear JJ1,

I am so sorry for the experience you have had thus far. I have escalated your concerns and a specialist will be in touch shortly to talk over your options! Thank you!