USAA has been a huge help for a lot of things in life. I absolutely love the app and not having to drive to the bank for various things. This being said, I do believe a lot is left to be desired for in the mortgage department. It took 3 late payments and ten or so service reps to catch an otherwise simple issue. Insurance took about threepnths to update to their systems and in the meantime I kept receiving correspondence saying my home was uninsured though I had called in numerous times to have it rectified; also, one of the reps told me she would have to speak with the agent and the insurance policy from me wasn't good enough; given that is ultimately my money and name, I would have appreciated to be spoken to politely at absolute least and even better have explained what was happening. I didn't particularly appreciate being told to call her back at a certain time then be ignored until I called a different agent. I don't fully comprehend why it takes two weeks for a mortgage payment to go through, one week at one department then another week at a separate department. It seems inefficient and down right silly. I would recommend USAA to anyone at any time, but would suggest to take mortgage business elsewhere.


Hi Wsmith,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am sorry you have not been pleased with the services you have received from our member service representatives. We would like to get someone in the mortgage department to take a look at your situation and fix the issue with your mortgage payments. If you could please fill out this form, a representative will be in contact with you shortly.