Is there a home warranty that isn't worse than useless?

I'm buying a house and the seller is paying for the home warranty, so I don't have anything to lose except my good humor.  That,  unfortunately, is just what happened the last time I bought a house:  The warranty company would send out a contractor crew when I reported a problem, then the crew chief would invariably tell me that (1) the problem wasn't covered by the warranty, but that (2) his crew would be glad to fix it at my expense.  I feel sure I paid more each time this happened than I should have had to.  This continued until I stopped contacting the warranty company with my problems.  In short, having the warranty, even at no initial cost to me, proved to be so much worse than worthless that I swore I'd never agree to one again.


My real estate agent has a similarly dim view of the process, but I thought I'd ask:  Have any other USAA members had better luck with a company they could recommend?  I'd really appreciate any thoughts anyone might share with me.


We had American Home Shield for the first year after our we bought our house (previous owner paid for it).  I wasn't impressed enough to continue with them after the first year.


You have to read the policy very carefully, especially the exclusions.

Residential warranty service we love it we have a deductible but we have used used so many times we have a very old home the washer was replaced the water heater and the water softener all replaced. We are very happy.

Yes, First American is not worse than useless.  I just cannot (should not) type what I think.  Everything is either not covered, or is covered, partially but the repair is more of a band aid it.  Fix it right.  Or they can cash you out for such a pittance that it really isnt worth even contacting them. The only reason we have them now is because the seller offered it.  I will certainly be researching this much more closely if we choose to go this route again.  Which is how I ended up here. Was hoping to find something through USAA.  It amazed me to find this company, First American, had a B+ on the BBB site but when you read the reviews there were 2 positive and 91 negative!  91  Well, that should give you some to think about there.  And they all had the same tone to them:  poor customer service, poor customer reps to handle phone calls, not covering things, etc.  I am really disappointed.

Hi John205,


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