Is USAA going down in the ranks of being an awesome Institution to belong too????

I am one of the many people that are trying to use the equity in my home and OUT OF NOWHERE am unable to do so thru my trusty USAA bank. I have been a devoted member for 32 years and USAA has carried just about any loan I've had, home, car as well as my investments and any insurance coverage I've ever had.


I understand that mortgages are important to everyone and it is a buyers market. But, why should an important product such as home equity be taken away, for ANY reason. I don't like to go outside of USAA to handle my financial business and I'm at a very critical time in my life and really need you guys.


The reps try to do their best to explain away the reasons for this issue but not having any answers as to when things will get back to NORMAL is unacceptable. The whole point of being with USAA besides being military is that it's so easy to do business with you and you know your customer's history and things process in a timely manner and you deal with some of the best customer service reps out there.


All the sorry's just don't cut it. Give us some answers please. You need to service ALL of your customer's needs!!!

This is an issue that is costing your customers money and it's not going to you, it's going elsewhere??? Not smart. There should have been a temp plan in place for such an important product. Life definitely seems to be going in the wrong direction these days but just never expected it to be with USAA. I always recommend you to people I know and also tell my children how important it is for them to maintain a relationship with you throughout their lives, for their benefit.








I do understand your frustration, and thank you for posting here in the community. I will pass along your comments to our bank. Please know that when we do have a response or update from them, we will be posting here in the community for our members. Thank you.

Hi Angela, is there any way USAA could send all members an email, text, or post a notice on when you offer the HELOCs again? Thanks



I will surely pass this request along to our mortgage department. We have not yet been notified as to how they will proceed, but we will surely request this. Also, the community team will be posting about it here as well.


Thank you for posting.