I have a sunken living room at this house in Arlington Texas. I am of the older generation. My hubby who was military passed over a year ago. If I stay in this house I need the floor raised. I am not a million sire but I might have some money for putting a raised floor in. Are there any organizations that volunteer to get something like that accomplished?
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Hello @Apple 2, I'm sorry for the loss of your husband. I appreciate your sharing personal info with us and understand you need to make some renovations to your home. I want to provide some info that may be helpful as you begin to research how you may be able to get this done. Please know that USAA doesn't endorse these organizations. I'm providing their names for your convenience only. We don't have an alliance or any other type of reciprocal agreement with them or any other these types of organizations, but I hope this information will be helpful: 


• UNITED Way https://bit.ly/2IKPdo1
• U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - https://bit.ly/2quiNYz

You may also want to reach out to Habitat for Humanity to review their application process and requirements: https://www.habitat.org/. They may also have additional advice or information that may be helpful in getting the aid needed. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions or assist further with your account. -Lori