Can anyone show me a good way to check up on this company?  My due diligence in researching GREENACRE Roofing has so far turned up nothing...


Jake 2020


Hi @Jake2020, not sure if anyone was able to assist you in researching a company.  USAA has an area online on for our member's to research and review contracting companies.  When ready, please click on the link to be taken to our HOME CONTRACTOR NETWORK.  I hope this helps you as well as other member's in your home improvement project.  ~Marco

@Jake2020, I noticed the link did not display correctly to guide you to the correct page.  To search, please type "Home Contractor Network" or "Contractor" to help get you that page to start your research and review.  ~ Marco

Thanks so much for your reponse!  I did go to the site and type it in - waiting for a response for now.  It seems though to be a resource for finding a contractor, but I'm really wanting to know more about a specific contractor (GREENACRE).  Any help you can give along that line would be gold. 

Thanks again! 





To better assist you, please give us a call at (800) 531-8722 to speak with a licensed insurance specialist.  A licensed insurance specialist will be able to assist you with answering your question on reputable roofing contractors and more specifically the one you listed  Thanks~Mike