So we had a major storm a few weeks back. I called USAA which is a task just to get in. I got a hold of a very cooperative individual when describing the damage. He told me someone would be assigned to my claim and they would get in touch with me. Alexa, I would like to thank you for your phone call. Let's see how did it go? "Your information has been taken, a USAA contrctor will be contacting you shortly. No need to call me back or anything. Log on to USAA and send me a message if you need too."  Ahh What personal service. A few days went by and somone called, spent 2 minutes on the phone then never heard from them again. I called Alexa back, got her voice mail. Left amesage to call me. Called her back and got a hold of her. She explained that USAA has contractors that they deal with and it would be beneficial to use one since I wouldn't get any bills and they would take care of everything. I said ok, sounds good. Waited, a week, 2 weeks, No call. I called the contractor and got a hold of some really nasty woman that began to explain to me that it was my house and not their responsibilty to take care of it. If I was on the list, they would contact me. Needless to say, I called back USAA and got a hold of someone else and requested to have my claim assigned to someone eles. I was told they would get me an inspector to come out. I thought that was interesting since Alexa told me no inspectors were available. I thought that funny since my neighbor had a USAA inspector come climb all over his house. Finally an inspector called me, told me when he would be here. The day came and I would have never known he was there until my wife came downstairs and said she thought someone was on the roof. Went outside and there he was climbing on my roof with his little clipboard. Didn't bother to go into the back yard. Told me that there a Beware of Dog Sign. I said, well if you would have come to the front door that wouldn't have been a problem. We went into the backyard, well we went as far as about 6 feet into the gate. He never went around the house, never went into the back yard or got a full view or picture of the back of the house. Just jotted a few things on his clip board and said, "We'll give you a few bucks for the shed."


Storm Damage: A tree split in our yard, We, along with our neighbors cut most of it down and carried the branches and trunk to the street.

My neighbor had a tree snap in half and come down and crush my fence. My siding peeled like and orange. My shed moved about a foot off it's foundation and the door warped.


My chimney cap left the chimeny and flew about 60 feet and landed in the neighbors yard. I had about three truckloads of debris in my backyard as well as some in the front.


We moved it all, I climbed on the roof and fixed the chimney cap, gonna cut the rest of the tree down bit by bit and haul it to the street. I have a friend that will come over and fix the siding, I don't like climbing 30 feet up a ladder to fix siding. The roof was enough.


I have been a member of USAA since 1988. Car insurance, Home Loans etc. My daughters have recently become USAA members.

Not sure what happened to this organization but to put it plain, it just plain SUCKS.


They gave me about $500 for my trouble. Too bad about this company, used to be  good company. Too bad.

I called another insurance company and am currently investigating all my options regarding dumping USAA.

Sad and Pathetic

Member for 32 years.


@Mc Mike, thank you for sharing your concerns. We appreciate and value your membership, and I apologize you did not have a positive claim experience.  It's always our goal to make the claim process smooth and easy for you, so I would like have this situation reviewed further. I am escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert. Please expect contact from them within 2-3 business days. -LeKisha

Hi There

Don’t expect these idiots to help you.

I switched my insurance away from these people a few years ago when they couldn’t explain to me why my rates have increased.

No response so I switched all of our insurance to Erie Insurance.

I don’t think they can help you but believe me when I say that USAA is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

100% of the morons I talk to every month are clueless.

I hope so many people read these threads about how horrible this company really is.

It starts with the head Morons at the top.

They changed everything these
Past few years and I steer 100% of the people I talk to in my industry away from this worthless company.

I really hope these idiots close their doors and make the Military people really understand that they can ALL DO MUCH BETTER AT ANY OTHER COMPANY