Has anyone else noticed that USAA is always higher with insurances or is it just me?


You might want to shop around.  USAA stopped being competitive a while back and seems to be counting on its previous reputation and a large amount of advertising.  USAA used to be for life, at least for me, but no more.  After steady increases every 6 months and then being hammered because we did have to use the insurance we were paying for (just wait to see what USAA will do to you if you ever need to use the auto insurance), I decided to shop around.  I saved a significant amount of money and left USAA after 40 years.  Very happy with the new company.  Rate is way less that what USAA was charging me and is for better coverage including full coverage for a vehicle that was in storage under the USAA policy.  Now I can drive that vehicle with full coverage if I need to.  USAA has changed and is just NOT the company it once was.  It is very obvious that the leadership of USAA changed the company intentionally and unfortunately seriously degraded the company (just read the posts on this board about the cost of USAA's products and the customer service).  They should be held accountable.  I doubt that will ever happen.  So the best thing to do is cut ties with USAA and move on.  Very sad.