USAA refused to provide a quotation for HO insurance citing high risk for 'sink holes'. I've owned the home for more than 15 years and it was built in 1880. Hasn't fallen in a hole yet and neither has any other building in the city. Rethinking my plan to move all banking, investments and insurance accounts to USAA as I near retirement.


This is the last thing we would want you to do CS67 and I am concerned to hear of your disappointment to say the least.  We certainly don't want to lose you as a member over this.  I am forwarding your feedback to the appropriate area for further review.  


In the meantime if your area is in a location that has been declined for any risk factor such as sinkhole exposure, please contact our affiliates to run an alternate quote for you at:  1-800-824-4282.  They are through our insurance agency and are available Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm CST.  


You are important to us, thank you for your time.  Sincerely  -  Justin 

They should still offer you Homeowners insurance tho. There will just be a sinkhole exclusion. You can by sinkhole insurance seperately. Lenders typically don't require sinkhole coverage but it's coming just like Wind and Hail in Hurricane Alley. 


Remeber Insurance is a gamblers game and the house always win. Ever realize how hard it is to start up a mutual insurance agency (self cover with others). USAA Car Insuranse is this way. You have to qualify to get it. It would be next to impossible to start this today with the insurance regulations preventing people from finding cheap and more effect ways of insuring themselves because it cuts into the big boys and insurance commisioners like protecting the big boys.



No thank you, Justin. I wouldn't leave State Farm for a third party afffiliate. Just disappointed that USAA can't be a one stop shop for my insurance and finances. But better to know now than after transferring retirement and bank accounts to y'all. Thank you for your response.

Please know we are here if you need us, or change your mind. - Cathleen