This is the worst company (so far) that I have encountered to try to get an insurance quote. They try to make you think they are engaging in small talk with you, when all the while, they are gathering information about you for their decision to give you a quote. They do not listen to what you have to say. I know this because they ask the same questions over and over, after you have answered them. I called to ask for a homeowners insurance quote and gave the agent all the particulars. The agent said “ok” and in his next sentence asked me all of the same questions. I am not on the phone for small talk. This is business. I told the agent he is already at work. I have to go to work. I asked if we could just get my quote completed. He was so cavalier about it. They must have a great union or no fear of job security because the service is horrible. All I could do, besides be verbally rude, was stop the conversation and hang up. So I did (stop the conversation and hang up).

But from reading the posts in this forum, it is obvious that we are out here “preaching to the choir”. No one in USAA is reviewing what is being said. No one in USAA cares because they know primarily all military and ex-military personnel are drawn to this company. So, if they have our service for life or for a moment, it doesn’t matter. As long as America has a military they will have customers.

Shame on you, USAA, for not living up to your motto and advertised standards of SERVICE & CONDUCT. At this moment I deplore you from top to bottom and all the people that hold positions in and with your company. It is despicable when a company is deceptive in its practices. Up front transparency is what is implied, and what should be practiced.


@2&3, I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a great interaction with our insurance specialist when you inquired to get a quote for your insurance needs.  I certainly understand your reasons for disconnecting and know I have forwarded your experience to appropriate area for further review.   Thank you for your patience.  ~ Marco

Shop around.  USAA's insurance rates can easily be beaten and you will experience better customer service.

I remember a few years ago when USAA was at the top of my list of companies for customer service. In recent years several exclusive services were discontinued and a decline in the level of customer service was noticed. I'm not sure what led to this, but I've since moved some of my business away from USAA after over 10 years. It's quite ashame to witness these declines in real time. 

Hello @GI JOEY, this doesn't sound like the level of service that we pride ourselves on and want to provide to all members. I'm sorry for the frustration with discontinued services and the service you received from us. The last thing we want is to lose your membership. Based on the info you've told us, I'd like to have things reviewed further on your behalf. If there is a specific concern we can review together, can you please tell us more about what happened? I want to make sure that we're are addressing things properly. -Lori G