The house was damaged during Hurricane Laura, adjuster came out quick and that was the last time anything with claim went quick. We had siding damage, and fence damage and was told by the adjuster that we had hail damage on the roof. He then stated we should here back within a week. It took almost a month, they say if you have questions to send them in the message part of the claim. Every time I sent a question, there was no anwser. It took almost a moth to get the final numbers back. Allcat is the company USAA uses for adjusters, I got my final numbers back, they are replacing my fence, but want to patch my siding instead of just replacing it. Siding is 38 years old, yellow and twant to just replace the parts that were torn off, so I have diffrent colors all over my house and half a square on the roof. I have had 2 diffrent roofing companies come out out and stated that the roof had damage, I sent pictures into USAA. Sideing company state that that siding barely holding on and that they could not match the color since it was to fadded from Texas heat. I sent pictures in showing this. Then I was hit by Hurricane Delta,  I finally got a second adjuster to come out, and this adjuster did not even get on the roof. Got the final seatlement back yesterday and still not taking care of all the siding. Why do I have to go indebt to get my house to look decent, no one is going to buy my house if I have diffrent shades of color and texture on the siding. Whats the point of having Ins. I was treated better when my house flooded during Harvey and Imelda.IMG_20200930_111738103.jpgIMG_20200930_112949946.jpg


@YNC USCG, I am terribly sorry to hear that you have had these experiences with your homeowners claims. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to begin researching your situation and reach out to you.

 I was called on 11/17 from Allcat stating that my siding was being replaced. The adjuster needed measurements from my contractor, which was emailed on 11/20. I was given the adjusters ext, 3159 if I had any questions. Every time I call it goes straight to voicemail. I was told I would be getting a call on 11/20, which did not happen. I called the main number and talked to one of the service people, and they stated that I would be getting a call by 11/25, which did not happen. I have been trying to call for the last two days and never got to tal k to anyone. I have left messages. Why is this so hard?