I had to file a claim for damage to my kitchen because of a water leak.  This was September 4th. To date, the work still hasn't been completed because of the deplorable service I have been recieving.  I have lost two contractors because phone calls and Emails have gone unanswered.  It has been one excuse after another.  My claims adjuster seems absolutly clueless to anything regarding my claim.  I finally ended up with one of their prefered contractors, after initially being told there were none in our area, and even he can't get through.  When I finally made some headway, they tore his estimate apart and want us to accept work that is substandard.  NO!  4 months to accept a claim, not to mention the work hasn't been started yet.  You have my insurance, mortgage, bank accounts, and saving accounts.  Doubt I will be saying that in 2019.


@C2EZ, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experiences. I have shared your situation with a colleague who will review and reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we review further. - Janay