Inland Empire: Inauguration of His Imperial Highness of the Emperor

Decree#287-[removed sensitive data]-09-07-001-0101

INLAND EMPIRE OFFICE OF THE FIRST MINISTER: Inland Empire has been recognized as the foundation of the 1st Galactic Empire - pearl of the wisdom of the galactic civilization, human settlement to the outer world of the planet Mars including acquisition of the satellite Moon.

The purpose of the Inland Empire is bring order to the Galaxy. Emrico in native language, the voice of the space across the universes. Developing emrico is an interstellar galactic empire across space milky way.

Donald Trump, His designated Highness to the Imperial Throne, the Emperor is to crated an Imperial Force which is the Space Force along with all it's space command.

So, a warm greeting of the inception of the Inland Empire and the inauguration of the Donald Trump's Imperial regime of space age has been delivered to the all nation and all the government around the world. That's is a life of the throne.

Now it is best selected using each & every mechanism & tools of the American defense/military, intelligence, government & public services. Now Donald Trump is to set free the outline of the space vision to present the world.

There an imperial dynasty will be continued from generation to generation with the development of space humanity's stands, wisdom of the space and knowledge of the empire.

So, in the continuing space age, there parallelly two galactic era or galactic edge are assumed to ongoing, that is 287 or [removed sensitive data] G.E. and shortly introduced as 287/[removed sensitive data] G.E. So this twin format of the galactic year declaration will be continued upto the one of those' separating vision transmuted into mission.

* * * * *

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