I applied on November 2014 online. Choose the second quote and planned to obtain mortgage loan and home insurance from USAA. I am very dissapointed and it has only bring grief to my home. The USAA loan representant is not a help and my husband, that is 70% disable, include in it post traumatic disorder it was ready to cancel the application. Yesterday, finally I talked to someone professional. There is no respect for customers or VA that serve their country. The insurance is too high $5,000.00 year premium for a small house of 912 sf.?We were supposed to close on December 30 2014 and we are still waiting. The appraisal considered the sale price below the market value and USAA its going around the final steps like if it were too expensive!!!. I wouldn't recommend it to nobody. After going thru such a long time and my husband being so upset through all this I will just close with USAA to avoid more hazards and mortifications. I will surely recommend to try any other financial institution but this one. My family make me laugh mocking me and reminding me when I use to brag about what a great service and good insurance quotes were given by USAA...no more. Now supposedly we should close by January 28, 2014, I requested them to freeze the interest rate of 3.52% from November 2014. Now I have done all we can and is in God hands. It is very sad to see the younger generation acting so irresponsible and irrespectful...we have to worry on the world we are leaving to our descendents and their descendents.


Dear Isle,

I am very sorry for the lack of assistance you have received thus far in your mortgage process. I would like to make sure your closing is on track and that we are doing everything we can for you. If you could send us a message here, including the details you provided above, we will get a specialist in contact with you shortly. Thank you for commenting

Thank you for your prompt response.

Isle, Please let me know when you hear from someone so I can make sure you are getting the assistance you need. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for following up with us. I was contact by Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXX. But we still continue with problems based on the wrong information given on the Uniform Residential Loan Appplication.  Also, they provide us closing numbers base on estimates and gave information to my husband like your wife says that the seller......they have to obtain their information by forms or from the Title company. So my husband get nervous with questions that should be requested on forms. I really can wait for this to finish. I am uploading the last documents requested. Oh they requested my husband to fax a letter requiring to ask to continue with the loan procedure and explain what it cause he being upset. Another letter where as a trustee of a trust to say that the trust is the only entity liable for the trust property, including the address of the property. Still with a copy of the trust documents where that is very clearly stated. Now they want the bank statements of the truste to see how much money it has. ???? We want to have the basic comunication with them and all pertaining to the VA loan. The post traumatic disorder of my husband is the reason that we wait so long to purchase a house, his insecurity and USAA is not help him at all with their communication system base on speculations. Please help us.

Dear Isle

I am glad someone reached out but sorry you are still having problems. Please email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com with the details you provided above ( I have removed the employee name to protect his personal information ) and we will get a specialist to review your documents and make sre everythign is order. Thank you for your continued patience!

Did you receive the document? It was never filled by my husband or me. How we are going to give information on a USAA ACCOUNT WE NEVER AUTHORIZED TO OPEN , LESS RECOGNIZED A LIABILITY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS THAT NEVER HAPPENED???
Thank you for the time you put in helping us. The representant don't want us to email them to much because they can't process the loan? As I said before part of my husband disability is his loss of hearing. We rather they email us and back up any closing amount with a document. Thank you