My wife and I were at the Clarksville, TN USAA office today for a preapproval for a VA loan which we were subsequently turned down for.  The representative was online from San Antonio and turned us down for a joint loan without even asking for our incomes or assets.  He never even asked for my wifes SSN in order to run her credit report.  How can a VA loan be denied on just one credit report when there are two people on the application applying and only one is run.  If this is the kind of service that USAA gives its members especially members for over 4 years then I recommend that if any other retired or seperated Vet wants to buy a house and has the money for a 10 percent deposit and the closing go some where else.  Oh yeah forgot, the representative did not even ask what assets we had and how much we would be able to put down.  I will go to USAA for anything outside of my checking and savings account again and might just pull them from company in the near future.  


yes, incompetent. they will fill out firm and submit. they just want to show that they are working. I don't think they are concerned USAA members. I felt like that was call center somewhere in India. 


I am so very sorry to hear about your recent experience with our mortgage department. I would like to get someone in contact with you so that we can review your situation to see if there is anything we can do. A mortgage specialist should be in contact soon. Thank you for posting here in the community and we look forward to talking.

I'm going out on a limb here but if you were turned down without income info then that would be a huge red flag as to credit problems. Check your credit and your denial reasons and then proceed. There are different va loans that are dependent on score. Hope that helps.