As a trusted USAA Member for over 10 Years when it came to buying a home I knew immediately who I would trust, USAA. I was pre-approved fast and diligently 2 months prior to putting an offer on a home, and that was all that was the only success when dealing with USAA. I have since been neglected, filed complaints, and requested to speak to supervisors to process my claim. I have submitted all paperwork at a minimum of 10 times to my agent.  In addition to my paperwork not being processed USAA team failed to request an appraisal and the title. This seems like Mortgage 101 to have these items ordered immediately but USAA failed to do so. I attempted to change mortgage lenders but due this would only push my closing back further. It is my recommendation, hence why I am posting this, to help other members NOT USE USAA Home Buying Services as they too will be neglected and be treated like small fish within the big ocean.



I am so very sorry to hear of your experience thus far with our mortgage department. I have escalated your comments a s specialist will be in touch shortly to make sure everything is in order for a timely closure. Thank you for taking the time to post here and please keep us updates on the progress.

I am having the same exact problems. What do we do? How do we get past this? No one will answer my calls or emails.



I have escalated this over to someone in our mortgage department, you should be contacted by someone soon. Thanks!