I am an active duty officer station in ft benning. I project to be in station for at least the next three years. I got two savings account with over 5K in positive funds coming in monthly. One investment account with less than 1K with funds added every month. The question I have is Ive noticed that I am paying around the same amount of money renting that I would normally pay for a mortage. Would you recommend investing in a income property using a VA loan. Non-owner occupied would be preferable. if not  is a single family home close to base recommended?


08-13-2014 06:36 AM
Unfortunately, VA loans are for owner occupied hones and not used for investment properties. I did mortgage loans for 12 years and there are a few other options you can go with.

I have a 4 bedroom home in Phenix City, Al if interested. Its about 5 minutes from base.