If you Are Using Mover's Advantage in the Fort Knox Area, we highly recommend our Realtor!!

I don't usually take the time to review anything, but after our experience buying a home through the Mover's Advantage Program in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (outside Fort Knox), I had to say something about our terrific Realty Team.


My husband (retired Army) and I were relocated due to a job transfer, and were moving for the first time as empty nester's, so you can imagine that our home search involved a number of specific criteria.  Through the Mover's Advantage Program with USAA, we were assigned Marie Powell (a Realtor from the local area).  From the first moment we met her, there was a connection.  Marie is the kind of Realtor who is knows the real estate business inside and out (from years of experience) and she asked if we would allow her son, Jason Murrell, also a Realtor to help due to his experience with short sales and the foreclosure market.  As we were open to purchasing a home through short sale, we gladly agreed.  In short, with Marie and Jason, we were given the tag team of a strong Realtor with loads of experience in Marie and a Realtor with a background in construction in Jason (what a one-- two punch).


Long story short, it took 9 months of looking to find our home.  We even went through the process of asking to be released from a deal due to a lack of disclosure issue on the part of the seller.  Through it all, Marie and Jason never wavered in their excitement to help us find something we could be happy with AND they NEVER quit working on our behalf to find a home to fit our needs at the right price.  Jason even came to each house we viewed, ready to talk construction with us so we knew exactly what we were getting from the foundation up.  Hard to imagine as we have had Realtors in the past who grew impatient if we weren't ready to close in the first few weeks of signing on with them.


I would recommend, without reservation, Marie, her son Jason...or better yet, the two-person team.  Buying a home can be stressful for sure.  Thanks to Marie and Jason, I'm happy to report we closed on a home yesterday and are ready to make it our own.