USSA you failed to protect my account and have allowed someone to hack into my account, credit theft and set up multiple bank accounts- then you call me and claim i gave my personal information to someone!!! How horrible that im being victimized over and over and still see the fraudulant checking accounts not removed from my acount. You call me and threatmne me that i gave my information to someone, youve destroyed my credi6t and refuse to close all the accounts- i paid my balances in full and will never so business with you as you do not protect consumers nor conduct a proper investigation!!! I will contact the media, news and insurance commisioner. on tip of dealing with covid during this pandemeic as a front line healthcare worker im now subjected to harrasement from your fraud department that failed to do its job to beigin with. ****






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Make sure you quickly initiate a credit freeze and alert with all three credit reporting agencies. I'd also look into filing a police report. USAA isn't going to be a help as you already saw from your experience. They have already been fined for violating the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. You can Google it. I wanted to obtain something official from them saying that I had no financial accounts opened with them, but their instant message feature doesn't allow me to send them one. It forces me to speak with someone which I refuse to do. Why? Because what is usually told over the phone doesn't necessarily translate in actual action--as many members have experienced.