I wrote earlier about being denied a mortgage. It has been revisited and I have been asked to submit additional information on my 401k account which they can not seem to understand or believe because it large by most people's accounts. I realized having submitted information under harassment and stress that I have opened myself to identity theft.


Pat tanley,

We never want you to feel harrased or stressed in dealing with USAA. Please email us at your earliest convenience at socialmedia@usaa.com with more details about your situation and why you believe you may have had your identity stolen. We want to make sure you are getting everything you need from us. Please include your member number and the best way to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Pat. ,  I've been with USAA for over 42 years and I sincerely understand your stress and frustraton over the eleventh hour additional informational requirements.  I actualy experienced a similar problem with my last home mortgage in 1999 until I got a mid-level supervisor involved which resolved the issue in time to execute a timely closing.  I suspect the underwriters or whatever the financial watch dog guys are called are simply doing their job and trying to comply with the latest federal requirements--Which doesn't help you.  Unfortunately what can seem like a great experience initialy with USAA  home mortgage services can in the final minutes or days prior to closing become a night-mare.  Good luck and please give mid-level a chance to resolve your issues,  Don

In my experience as a home buyer regarding real estate closings I can offer some advice when approaching the closing date:  be prepared to answer quickly and accurately any and all questions, some duplicated, in order to make that closing happen and be available by phone, fax, and e-mail.  Be prepared to fax or to copy documents into a .pdf (Adobe) file for e-mailing.  It may be frustrating but it is common and part of the process.  Don't let a deal fall through due to some requested extra effort and fancy footwork at the finish line. 

So what you're suggesting is that as the customer, you should be ready to make up for the failings of the service provider?  That doesn't seem right.