We used USAA to buy our home.  We use USAA for most things and we are typically VERY PLEASED with our coverage and the customer service.  


I do just want to advise anyone who attempts to get a home loan to be sure that the person they deal with on the phone on the day they call to start an application for a home loan actually LOCKS IN THE RATE that is current.  This may apply to all banks, but I know it hurt us when dealing with USAA.  


It seems pretty obvious, but when we called back just a day or two later to talk to the person working on our loan application about our intended purchase, he said he had forgotten to lock in our expected rate (4.5%) and so the best he could do was that day's rate--4.75%.  


I was new to home buying, interest rates, the whole process.  I didn't even understand how significant this error was at the time.  And the person working with us was, I believe, genuinely apologetic and even embarassed to tell us that there was no way he could go back to the previous interest rate.  


So we pressed on.  And I don't think about what this mistake cost me very often, but I do advise people to make sure they get the rate that is motivating them to make that call and start that application.  



You could ask that they pay discount points to buy your rate down since it was their mistake. It was only 1/4 of a percent so it would only have been 1/2 of a discount point (discount points buy down the rate 1/2% at a cost of 1% of the loan amount).