I just finished another 12 hour shift helping triage patients with probable COVID-19 and separating them from trauma patients. It was a long day but I was hopeful because my USAA claims manager told me I would have an answer from him today regarding my 3 year old homeowner’s claim. Imagine my lack of surprise when the call didn’t come. My public adjuster did get a call from my client advocate Candice who asked him if he could shut me down on the community platform. THIS PLATFORM. He suggested that she call me herself. She actually told me a month ago she would call me in a few days...also a call I have never received.

I addressed a letter here to Mr Peacock hoping that he would see it and know that as an exhausted healthcare worker on the frontlines that I had so much more to worry about than this claim...but that was wishful thinking and it’s apparent no one here really cares. What USAA really cares about is seeing just how long this claim can drag out. Is there a statute of limitations for claims? Has anyone else here had a homeowners claim go over 3 years? Is my claim the rule or the exception? Why am I being treated like I’m some non-paying second rate citizen when I have an account in good standing and 2 homes, 3 cars, and all my valuable personal property insured with your company? What gives USAA? Do you pick one policy holder a quarter to see how much you can change their lives? I’m changed!!!! I lost my home...my marriage fell apart...I had to move an hour from my home because you didn’t pay my claim and in doing so my small business that I had owned and run successfully for 13 years began to fail in my absence, leading to its bankruptcy and closure within the last 3 years....I’ve given everything and USAA, you have bled me dry. It’s time to give in and pay my claim. It can’t be fun to watch anymore. I’m done.


@ Debie P, 

Thank you for your sacrifice during this troubling time!  I see that your claim has been escalated to a subject matter expert.  I will forward your additional post to them for review.  Thanks - Mike  

Mike- this is the exact same canned response I get every time. It’s old. Say something new.