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Please let me share about my situation so the impact my USAA experience has had on me is clear.


   I am a father raising my 2-year-old, my brain is usually mushy recently from heavily studying for my LSAT exam, and I just had multiple issues in my house recently. I have been a USAA member for 9 years. I've had homeowners insurance with USAA for 6 years without any house related claims. Now that I have one issue clearly covered by my USAA policy concerning drywall damage from a pipe in the wall. I get nothing but unprofessional treatment and disrespect and a whole lot more stress piled on me.

   My first adjuster was cordial and kind. But then I get a new second adjuster by the name of Mark who calls me and after beginning a recorded phone call, he starts railing me with questions about every aspect of the claim. I am not a plumber or drywall guy so I have to paraphrase what I've been told. This was not pleasant but then it became really uncomfortable. Because he shared how he's contacted third parties and that he had additional private information concerning me which I know was unrelated to my USAA claim.  I felt violated and that his conduct was unprofessional so I called USAA directly to complain.

   Instead of being transferred to someone who would be cordial, I was transferred to a Juan R. who was standoff-ish and said concerning my terrible experience, "we have the right to investigate you". Why am I being investigated on clearly covered damage by my policy?! He also spouted additional statements of fact concerning legal terms as if he's an attorney. Having another unpleasant interaction, I asked to be transferred to someone else, anyone else, in his department and he told me no... among other things. This treatment is shameful.

   In my house, I have Two walls (and one ceiling) along the stairs that are completely ripped bare after the water damage mitigation company made access for a plumber and aired out the water in the wall. The exposed nails and sharp metal is a danger to my son and to my household if anyone stumbles, and I have to put up with this treatment and this massive delay on my claim?!


I am posting this here in hopes that maybe someone from Corporate will see this and address these customer service issues properly so others don't go through what I am going through with this division of the company.


Also, because of this, I am leaving USAA for homeowners insurance, I'm not sure if I'll stay banking with USAA yet. At the very least BBB, JD power, and others are gonna hear about my experience and anyone else that will listen.


@David_customer Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your claim concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

Your adjuster J. xxxx had the audacity to deny my claim with the excuse of "misrepresentation". Our claim clearly covered our loss and I did not misrepresent any facts. I am starting the process of suing your company for this TODAY. Years and not one single claim on my house. Then when I have CLEARLY covered damage which is not my fault, the home builder using the wrong kind of adapter on an HVAC condensate drain/water softener purge adapter which due to acidity from condensate drain line eating through the cooper for over years, your company denies a clearly covered claim by my long-running policy. Any goodwill and trust I kept toward your company after being contacted by someone from corporate in Texas, is gone. The actions of your adjusters show you are a shameful disgusting company.


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