First, let me say that I know that everyone has a different experience. This was mine. Please note: we used a 30 year conventional mortgage. I don't know if the issues other people are experiencing are with another product or not.

The many bad reviews for USAA mortgage nearly scared me off, but then I looked at the reviews for the banking and realized that there are just as many bad reviews there, but the service in banking that I have received is awesome. So I decided to go with USAA for my mortgage after all. And I am VERY glad that I did.

The mortgage process was super smooth and easy. My documents came by FedEx the morning after I started the process. Other than the initial packet (which came with a prepaid FedEx return envelope), I was able to upload everything USAA needed to their website. One document DID disappear into the ether, but I had told my processor to look for it so he was able to tell me I needed to send it again. (Be sure to let your processor know when you send things so that they can check that they got them. Computer glitches do happen.)

Both my title company and my realtor commented on how easy it was to work with USAA, that it was very refreshing after some of the other companies they have to work with.

My mortgage processor, Ryan, was excellent at reaching out to me and communicating. He contacted me at a minimum of every three business days, and usually more often, to keep me apprised of the status of the loan. The longest I ever had to wait for a reply to a question was an hour, and usually he contacted me sooner. He almost always picked up his phone immediately when I called, and the few times I had to leave a message he was sure to get back to me within in an hour.


We closed on time, even with an error in the title that the title company had to clear. If it hadn't been for an issue with the seller, we actually could have closed earlier than initially set up.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with how easy and painless it was to use USAA.


I'm going through the process right now and things are going well, despite the fact that I'm across the world. Glad things worked out for you too!!

LeiraHoward and Kancerous1,

Thank you both for sharing your experiences with your mortgage loans. I am delighted to know everything has and is going well. The mortgage process is in itself a bit frustrating and I'm happy to hear our mortgage team made it as easy as possible. LeiraHoward, I will be sure to pass your kudos to Ryan and his management. He will really appreciate knowing what an awesome job he did! Thank you both for being valued USAA members.