For 1 year, I have been trying to get my condo repaired after water damage. It is uninhabitable and can’t be lived in. I thought I was in the clear after speaking with several managers, supervisors, etc. Nope. Still can’t get the damages repaired. USAA gave me 10k. I’ve had 3 contractors tell me 30k. I asked USAA if I could return the money and have one of their people fix it...conveniently there are none in the area. What a racket. I asked if they could have someone come out to look again as I can’t afford to get the damage fixed with the money I was given. Again...the place is not livable. They told me they’d “consider” sending someone back out only after I have submitted a detailed quote and a copy of the building code. Looks like I need to get an attorney because this company simply does not care. They just try to underpay you in the hopes you will go away, they hide behind an antiquated email communication system to just make things harder and won’t call to have a human conversation. you treat all your members like this?


@AJfromCO, Damages to your home can be a huge inconvenience and cost for your family, and I hate to hear that you have had a poor claim experience. I was able to locate your claim, and I am escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert for review and to follow-up with you. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. I'm hopeful we can resolve your concerns. -LeKisha

This the USAA under Stuart Parker's leadership.  How can we get the old USAA back?

Bigbb, this is every insurance company. The main point is to not pay out claims continuously and since USAA actually does pay out more claims than most, this is one of the reasons that their premium quotes as of late are skyhigh. I moved away from them due to this, but the situtation here is damned if you do and damned if you don't, you have people on here unhappy because they aren't getting paid enough on their claim and then you have people on here unhappy about the fact that they have to pay high premiums. You can't have both, if you want them to pay everyone what they want, then you have to be prepared to pay higher premiums and not moan about it. 


I sympathize with the original poster, can't imagine having a place that is uninhabitable. I would recommend submitting the quotes and building codes as they request to see if they can't reconsider, however no insurance company is going to pay based on quotes you get without doing due diligence because it not only affects you, but the rest of the association and their duty is first to the association and then to the individual coverage holder.

Well put Jimmyb84.

Glad to see you still on here my friend. What do you think of the news concerning Schwab? I think it's USAA recognizing they can't be competitive in the space and making a really solid choice in regards to resolving that. Schwab is right up there with the other two and it's not like they didn't have Fidelity funds here as well, it'll be interesting to see if the UI gets an upgrade and if the options and tools get better, heck, Schwab might offer cash management that'll allow you to use it as checking which would be a pretty sweet deal, if they do, as that is what they do in their own offerings.

USAA used to not be this way.  They made the decision to revise the eligibility to become a member of USAA to expand the pool of members.   This has resulted in USAA becoming like every other insurance company.  USAA used to be apart from all the other insurance companies.  Not any more.  They have no choice but to pay out claims continuously if legitimate claims are made.  After all, USAA insurance customers just don't pay their money to USAA for nothing.  What has changed is that with the larger membership, USAA has not only become non-competitive with their rates, but it seems from the numerous posts, USAA is no longer FAIR in their claims process and their customer service has gone down the drain.  You state "You can't have both, if you want them to pay everyone what they want, then you have to be prepared to pay higher premiums and not moan about it."   I am not moaning but rather yearning to have the old USAA back.  I left USAA after 40 years of purchasing auto insurance.  What do you think made me stay all those years?


Bigbb, my point is simply that USAA does pay out more than most, I would agree that USAA insurance isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, but many on here use their military service as some sort of entitlement to being paid what they want to be paid and then saying USAA is garbage if they don’t, regardless if it is reasonable or not. All it seems USAA is asking in this particular case is for the claimant to submit building code evidence and quotes. Doesn’t seem too unreasonable when you’re asking for triple the amount that they deemed it qualified for. Now you can argue they’re being unfair in their valuation maybe, but would you hand over three times as much money to a car repair shop for example before getting quotes yourself?

USAA has a long way to go on many things, but before we blame it all on the expanded membership, maybe we can simply blame it on those that cause the ultra high premiums. I take offense in particular to your opening of the membership comment because part of the reason I can join USAA, as an enlisted, now prior service is because they opened up the membership and I have a top rated drivers record and rating in my state, this argument that the membership was opened to enlisted and not reserved for officers only and hence the reason for higher rates is garbage, it’s those officers and enlisted alike that drive like morons that ruin it for the rest of us. Plus if you’re an officer chances are you’re in the higher tier special insurance reserved for such, as their are different tiers and entities dedicated to different segments out the population so blaming it on enlisted, families or whatever IMO is not relevant since you’re pooled with officers specifically according to my understanding of the situation.

Regardless of what you say or if you are offended, before USAA opened up the membership, no company could beat their rates or would even try and the customer service was unbelievably good.  USAA did not have a long way to go because they were already there.  Now, after the decision was made to open up the membership, the rates are not competitive and the customer service has gone down the drain.  From the posts that I have read, that appears to be why a lot of long timers are leaving USAA as they know the type of company USAA used to be.  I left USAA to go to a major insurance company for a substantial savings.

Agree to disagree, I’m not here to make enemies at the end of the day. I left as well and went with GEICO, so we both went in the same direction, just maybe disagree on how USAA got there is all.