I’ve used USAA for years, and I’m getting ready to buy my first house.  I thought, since I’m new to the game, I would go through USAA.  They seemed to have many programs available for 1st time home buyers.  I read the mortgage reviews and was initially taken aback with the number of negative experiences that were being shown.


I figured they were outlying situations (after all, you’re more likely to report a negative experience than a positive one) and decided to use USAA for my mortgage.  I’m wishing I hadn’t.  The horror stories you read here are NOT isolated incidents.  The system is confused and clearly disorganized.


Everything started off nicely enough.  I was presented with a To-Do list, they promptly sent out a packet of papers for me to sign, I sent all the required documents back and everything seemed to be going to plan.  Items were being ticked off my list at a steady pace and I thought all was well.  Then, it just fell apart.


New items would appear in my list, asking for documentation I had already sent.  Progress on submitted items grinded to a halt.  When I called to ask why – at two weeks to closing – half of my list still wasn’t completed and I had duplicate items on it, I was told that the items listed on their end were fine.  Why are there two lists that aren’t in-synch with each other?  How am I supposed to keep track of this if my list isn’t accurate?


If you want to know the status of your application, don’t expect them to initiate contact.  You have to babysit it all the way.  I’m probably going to have to push the closing date back because I was never informed of problems with the documentation I sent (W2 transcripts, which take 5 to 10 business days to arrive from the IRS), nor was I informed that I needed additional documents (A 30 day bank statement to verify a funds transfer.  I set the transfer up myself in USAA, and the funds went through successfully!  What else is there to prove?!).  Why are members not informed of problems in their application until they call in asking what the problem is?  When were they going to tell me this?  This should not be!


I ignored the complaints in the reviews regarding your mortgage service because I thought they were isolated incidents.  Clearly, they are not.  What should be an exciting first step in my life has become a frustrating mess.


What is being done to solve this problem?  Why is this continuing to happen?  Agents are good about responding to inquiries, but the disorganized system is clearly stacked against them.  Why should we have to beat the door down just to get info on our loan?  Why – if there is a problem with our documentation – are we not immediately informed?


It’s too late for me to back out now, since I don’t want to be sued by the seller, but I will never go through USAA for a mortgage again.  DO NOT go through USAA for a mortgage unless you're prepared to babysit the account on a regular basis.


I ended up losing the house we wanted a week before closing, and lots of money (inspections, apprasals, etc.)  The worse customer service I have ever had with USAA !!!   I am a 42 year member and have NEVER been treated this way.  I know the banks are being more cautious these days, but REALLY ?  


Thanks Brian,
I did receive the letter from USAA, not to say that I am extremely disappointed in this entire process. I have talked with so many loan processor's I know and they say that I was completely misled. To go from a PRE-Qual to a Qualification with conditions means that SOMEONE has reviewed the information and as long as I supplied the information for the condition I should have been approved. I am very unhappy with how USAA handled this and am moving all my investments, insurance, everything over to the Navy Federal Credit Union. I'm done with you all. AND your boss never called me, very UNPROFESSIONAL. I guess you all feel you have way too much business now to offer good customer service.

I DO appreciate your help, you were the ONLY person outside Maria ( Loan origination) that delivered great customer service.

I'm at my breaking point.


The system in place is completely ridiculous.  I've been bounced around between so many loan processors it feels like they're just foisting me off on somebody else so they don't have to bother.  I was supposed to recieve a callback today but never did.  I know the excuse is going to be "we were just so busy!"




coopc6, I'm sorry that had to happen to you.  I hope the same doesn't happen to me...


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. Please email us at [expired email] with your contact information and member names. We'll get our mortgage team involved and they'll reach out to you directly to help. Hope to hear from you soon. - Wendy

I am done, I've already lost the house.   I am extremly disappointed with USAA and the fact that the Manager never returned my call or emailed me.   XXXXX XXXXXX was AWESOME, he communicated with me to the best he could.   I took all my files to another bank and after their review with their underwriters, I have been given a detailed analysis of my status.   I got nothing from USAA but a 2 line statement in a form letter, no details.   You would think after 42 years with a company you would be considered a valued customer, but you must have more customers than you can handle and loyalty does not matter.   Again, I have had all my car loans, insurance, brokerage account, my grandchildrens college funds are with you, EVERYTHING and the way I have been treated is beyond words.   We are moving everything to Navy Federal Credit Union where my husband has been a member for 15+ years, hopefully we will be treated with more respect.


It is a sad day when it takes a community board for someone to get back with you !

I moved almost everything to Navy Federal two years ago becasue of the mortgage department's repeated offenses and failings.. in the end Im sure they were happy to see me go. The property in question is being handled nicely & I'm well past the problems of USAA. Vets come last at this company, million dollar/minute glitzy tv ads come first


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. This is certainly not the experience we want for our members. Please email [expired email] with your contact information and member names. We'll get our mortgage team involved and they'll reach out to you directly. Hope to hear from you soon- Wendy

Wendy, not to be tto harsh, but that's a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. There's absolutely no connection between USAA and their mortgage people. Its been a nightmare for years that many, many people know about. It's a shame that million dollar/minute tv ads are more important than the core customer base.. just like a regular old bank.

We're in the same boat. I naively thought that these were isolated incidents.  Run, run, run in the other direction.  I don't know what is going on with this department, but if we don't not close on schedule tomorrow, we will be going elsewhere.


It is absolutely absurd that they think this is ok. 

dont use USAA mortgage, we don't live long enough to put up with getting ignored, brushed aside, penalized and slow-rolled. Heck, we can get that from the VA!


plenty of competition out there.. use a company that's prooven to do it right