My fiance and I are looking to buy her fathers old house in Florida. However, he has recently passed and he had recently divorced. In the decree he was to sell the house and half was to go to his spouse. Now that he is no longer with us the ownership of his half has gone to his daughter (my fiance) and his son. I took a job offer in Wyoming before his passing because the job market in Florida has been terrible. I would like to purchase the house because I planned on moving back to Florida, however, after talking to a mortgage company down there, I obviously can not buy it as an owner living in the residence because I still have another 6 months on my contract here and if I break that contract I would have to pay several thousands to my employer. I tried the option of purchasing it as an investment property but the underwriters said that my fiance could not give a gift of equity (25% of the property) and I can't afford to pay a 20% down payment on the house. Does anyone know of anything I could do to get this property or is it a lost cause?