Recently (& generally unheard of) Colorado Springs experienced a lot of heavy rain & flooding in some areas. When we got the call from our renter of our house in CO we were surprised to hear that rain water had gotten so high on our back porch that water came in from our basement patio sliding door and soaked all our carpet downstairs. Now it's going to cost a few hundred dollars to have the carpet pulled, dried, and treated. When talking to folks about the possibility of our homeowners insurance covering it, they were skeptical based on stories they've heard since Katrina. But I was hopeful; I believed USAA would cover instances like this without having to take out any special "extra" coverage for flooding loss, especially in areas that are not known for flooding (like arid CO). Much to my dismay, when I called today they said there was nothing they'd be able to reimburse us for since that type of damage is not covered under "regular" plans AND because we didn't have the particular flood policy addendum. I was disappointed. I thought USAA looked out for their members better than that. I don't even remember being asked about or having flood loss option explained or recommended to me...and i have even spoken to them fairly recent (within the year) to update my coverage, as my family & I PCSd from CO to PA last summer and started renting our home out. I should have figured all insurance companies are the the rare and unexpected case when something bad does happen to your home, car, person, there's usually some small print that doesn't cover you...when you most need it. Why do we even pay for insurance???


Dear Emily,

I am so sorry to hear about the damage to your home. I can only imagine how distressing this must be for you to take care of from afar. I have escalated your comments and a claims specialist should be reaching out to you. Thank you for posting here in the community.

You pay insurance to protected against "covered" loss.  It is your responsibly to read and understand your policy to ensure that it contains all the coverage you want and/or need.


Flood insurance has never been part of the homeowners policy and usually is not required (by the bank holding mortgage) unless the home is in a designated flood zone.  As you have found out flooding can happen in areas not designated as a flood zone.  Most people don't take the coverage unless they are required, to save money.   Don't forget coverage for earthquakes!