I’ve been with usaa for over 8 almost 9 years. I’ve never experienced such bad customer service or experience from them until now. I lost everything, I have five kids. That right there should say to anybody that money plays a big roll in my household. After the first hurricane no biggie we replaced everything and got everything fixed. Then here comes the next one. For us this one was worse because is caused us to be without water and electricity for weeks. I just replaced everything I lost from the first hurricane then lost it all again the second time. I’m usually not the one to complain but this time filing this claim I got the rudest staff, on top of that I put my claim in months and months ago and now I finally heard back, I’m guessing because they got tired of me calling. Now all of a sudden I get a little change given to me and not even near enough money to cover replacement costs of the items I’ve lost. This here has really made me think twice about switching to another bank because I thought usaa was better than this, but I see by all the frustration I’m not the only one.


Hello @Rae337, I'm sorry your family has been impacted bye Hurricane Delta and Laura. I hope everyone is safe and doing okay after. I also want to apologize for the experience you've had with the recent claim and definitely want to have this reviewed further on your behalf. I was able to locate your account and want to confirm I'm forwarding our conversation to the best team to review. -Lori

No way I would put with this.  I would leave USAA immediately.  USAA has to honor the policy for damages when it was in effect.  Think about what they are going to do to you (rate increase) when the policy renews as well the customer service you will receive if you have another claim.  This version of USAA is not the version of the past.  USAA's growth at all costs has destroyed this once proud company and made the CEO and upper management very wealthy (Google USAA CEO compensation) .  It is an absolute shame what has happened to USAA.  Many people suffer so that a few people can become very wealthy.