Hurricane Michael - USAA and major disasters.


Last week has been very eye opening for me. My Daughter and her husband had a home in Mexico Beach, FL. The storm totally decimated the town, but they are safe. They, like myself have USAA insurance on our homes and cars. They also had flood insurance provided by USAA but through another company. We spent a week trying to salvage what we could and have F.E.M.A.

, USAA, Flood Ins. and Clean-up service meet up. So USAA rep says they will expedite a check. A few days later, they get a check from USAA but can't deposit it. Why? you ask... because it was not signed by the mortgage company. That would be USAA, by the way. So, my kids have to take the check from USAA and send it overnight ($) to USAA. They were also told to include funds ($) for expediting the check back from USAA to the Daugher and Son-in-Law. I'm seriously considering shopping for new insurance for my home, rental property, and three cars. The folks I work with on the Navy Base are paying attention too, USAA. I hope you straighten this out soon, as I have reached the age where I have nothing better to do than convince people USAA is just another insurance company, more concerned abount making your premiums easier and more convenient to pay, than taking care of their customers when everything they own has been swept away. 


Just A Dad


“A Dad”,

USAA is no longer the company we once knew under General McDermott. It’s not just the Navy watching USAA these days, there are a number of other organizations doing so as well. You can count on F.E.M.A, if you need any additional assistance with them let me know. I have lunch with a F.E.M.A regional director in a different part of the country just about every day. Best Wishes to your family for a speedy recovery.

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General Robert F. McDermott (USAA CEO: 1969-1993):

“The mission and corporate culture of this company are, in one word, service. As a company objective, service comes ahead of either profits or growth. I don’t want to expand those bylaws. I don’t want to take on the world. I want us to serve a niche and serve all its personal financial needs as best we can. Our members started this company and own it, so this company exists to serve their needs.”

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@ A_Dad, 

Please know that we send our thoughts and prayers to your family who have suffered through Hurricane Michael.  I'd like to have your daughter's situation reviewed further.  I have engaged a specialist to review her situation further then reach out to either her or her husband.  Thanks~Mike   

will send message.

As is the case with most people that complain about service while millions of others have no issues it typically comes back to the individual not following instructions and being incompetent.  You even in your own narrative do not define who "they" is in receving the check.  You also sound like a busy body complaining to USAA about your "kids" while they can't even follow directions correctly.   

Dear Keyboard Warrior (AKA Occasional Contributor from Phoenix),

  I'm not sure I understand your point of view, but let's look at your response a little closer, because I am convinced that you are an employee of USAA expressing your true feelings about USAA customers’ expectations of quality service during a disaster, behind a shield of anonymity. This hostility is slowly becoming openly displayed when talking with the USAA Rep on the phone. My "Kids" are far more willing to overlook rude behavior than I am. I take a little pleasure in confronting internet bullies, or those with the stones to do it in person. You don't strike me as the latter.

When you say "most people that complain about service are not following instructions and being incompetent" - You have a valid point about not following instructions. We frequently speak to be heard, rather than understood, particularly in stressful times. But I would say the level of incompetence is completely on USAA. They are the insurance professionals who are trained in disaster recovery, and all the steps necessary to return to their home in Mexico Beach.

I feel really bad for USAA. Up to this point, I have had relatively good experience with USAA, including the few claims I have had over the past 25 years. It seems as though USAA has decided to go on the defense when confronted with complaints, rather than take the criticism onboard and find the opportunity these failures provide. I can only presume that either USAA is not employing enough Veterans, or that Veterans have really changed now, meaning the social engineering of our Military is complete. 

My point this "busy body" was making: I've been a customer for some time, and have convinced several others (over that time) to also join USAA. I never expected perfection, but when an error was found, I do expect action to correct. I can help the kids, only USAA can fix themselves. If they are unwilling, then I guess I need a new mission in my golden years... let's do this.





@Phoenix - AZ  

    Some complain about service at USAA because customer service at USAA has become dismal and we know it.  It is a sad state of affairs when I know more about cost basis or W-9 reporting than the customer service rep at USAA who answers the phone and is suppose to be knowledgeable about the subject they are speaking about.  And USAA does not always provide the correct instructions which is why I now know to ask that they send me an e-mail with detailed instructions for certain situations so I don't have to hear the "you must not have heard it correctly" spiel the next time I call.  It is fortunate that I am wise enough or experienced enough to know when something USAA is telling me is wrong or suspicious sounding so that I can do more research or ask more questions.  There are many younger members out there who aren't as experienced and rely on USAA to provide up-to-date and accurate information EACH and EVERY time that member calls in.  I know for a fact that USAA has not given correct information to my grown children and that incorrect information could have had serious tax implications.  I pursued this with USAA hoping that USAA would use it as a learning opportunity, but I think we are beyond that because even though USAA says it cares I am not so sure about that.   Anyway, USAA can sometimes provide amazing service and then again, it can provide some of the most awful misdirected service I have seen.   Sometimes you just have to be able to recognize that you have been snowed over by a customer service rep.  


   A 35+ year member who works in the financial industry and now helps her grown children with their investing because when USAA was "helping" them, they did not put their best foot forward for my children.  

@N SueZ, I regret to hear your experiences with us have been less than favorable and not what members have come to expect from USAA. I understand you have concerns about our service and I'm happy to have them reviewed. A follow up will be made with you. Thank you. - Rhonda

A_Dad and NSueZ,

A_Dad’s experience noticed the key point about “Pheonix - AZ”. That being that “Pheonix - AZ” is a USAA employee and it is very easy to identify those fake posts.

When you look at the profile of “Pheonix - AZ”, she only has 5 posts on her profile, they were all sent out on the same day (Oct 26, 2018), all within 35 minutes, and they were all very insulting of member’s comments. Yet the profile was created in March of 2010, that’s 2010, which means she just keeps creating new nicknames.

USAA Moderator: Why don’t you verify for the record that “Pheonix - AZ” is a real member and not a USAA employee. No privacy info is needed, just confirm she is a real member.

In addition to Pheonix’s post above, the other 4 of her posts are below:

Phoenix - AZ
a week ago
Wow so you win the idiot of the week award! You openly admit in a post that your husband is complict in insurance fraud. "The man had fallen off a 6 foot ladder at his home and used my husband to make medical calims and usaa paid them." You openly admit to knowing of insurance fraud occuring and do not notify USAA or law enforcement, which makes you complict. A mere $50 montly increase makes your mortgage unaffordable......maybe you shouldn't be a home owner. 

Phoenix - AZ
a week ago
Well maybe it's because this is USAA not USSA and since you were approved anyway why don't you just chill out and be happy.

Phoenix - AZ
a week ago
Seriously you are MAILING CHECKS in for deposit.  You know this is 2018 and not 1918 right.  Why don't you take a look in the mirror and bring yourself up to the current century! 

Phoenix - AZ
a week ago
When life gives you lemons make lemonaide.

@USAA   I don't want a response or a review from USAA - the point is that USAA doesn't do their job all of the time.   I can take care of myself because USAA is not doing it for me.  They tried, they failed, let's just stop wasting everyone's time.