Despite the fact that I have serious money, cash in USAA and an off the charts credit score I was told I was not going to get a home loan from USAA. I easily got a great loan from another company. I get the feeling USAA has just become another bs bank despite the cute ads about our service. Garry Owen!


The same is ture about their auto loans.  They would rather push us off to an company like CarFinance than give a service member a chance.  Other than Car Insurance, I am starting to lose faith in USAA Banking and may start looking at moving my banking accounts somewhere else!


We certainly do not want you to lose faith in us. Please let us know how we can help you by filling out this form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I agree I have been with my previous Credit Union Over 10 years and all my retirement funds go through the account. I couldn't qualify for not one loan at that institution and they pride themselves on being member focused as they say. After this I moved my checking and savings to USAA after a researching about them and teir connections to Former and current service members. USAA's cute little ads about being member focused and all that propmted my move here and even as a new member at this institution a former Service Member of my country cant get not one loan approval. I dont feel anything other than a credit score number with this institution or any other that I have been with. I think it is absolutelly awful that we serve our country to limitless ends and get treated this way in todays times.

We had a similar situation.  We had 100% cash backed collateral for a home loan and excellent credit scores, but wanted a mortgage to allow us to save for retirement, take a vacation, have some significant long term savings, etc.  and at the last minute USAA said we wouldn't be approved for the mortgage even though they pre-approved us.  We ended up paying cash for the house since they told us we were not approved just 3 days before the scheduled closing.  We lost all the fee's and time jumping through hoops just to end up paying cash in the end...which would probably have gotten us a better deal on the house if we had just told the seller we were paying cash up front and could close buy the house in just a few days instead of a month or so.  NEVER going back to USAA for a home mortgage if we wish to have one in the future.  It ended up costing us money and we didn't even get the mortgage.  



I had no trouble at all getting an auto loan with USAA. In fact they pre-approved me for an amount well above what I wanted to spend and once I found the car I wanted they completed the process over the phone at the dealership in about 30 mins. I had my keys in hand and insurance coverage started before I knew it.

After you got your car andeverything was there information about your loan online.


I am very sorry to hear of your recent experience with us. We truly value your membership. While I cannot change what has already happened, we would like a second chance to see if there is anything we can do to help you. If you would like, you can complete this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

I just got an auto loan.  It was the easiest auto loan I have ever had.  USAA was ready to send the check out before the seller could have their things out of the truck!  Great work USAA!!

USAA auto loans are much better than USAA home loans.  I'd get a car loan from them again any time.  Home loan, never again.