How do you keep your utility bills down in the summer?



Keeping your home cool in hot summer temperatures can get pricey in a hurry.


How do you keep your utility bills down in the summer without sweating?


My favorite money saving tip- avoid chores. I should be more specific (although if you would like to use this as an excuse to take a summer break from chores go ahead...), try not to run the heat generating appliances such as the dishwasher, drier or oven during the peak heat (generally 1-4 PM) of the day. 


Instead, try line drying your clothes, cooking outdoors and waiting to run the dishwasher or hand wash dishes at night when the temperature is cooler.

Personally my house has some leaky windows so I refuse to use my AC just because if i turn it on all I would see in my mind is dollar bills flying out there with the cool air. So...I get box fans, and I set them up all throughout the house. Personally I just keep a fan on me at all times until evening, and even then sometimes I just keep it on me all the time. Here in San DIego...well east San can get in the 90's pretty easy. 

Thanks for commenting CareBear77! Great idea to use box fans and skip the AC. I think I would use it as an excuse to head down to the beach for the sea breeze!