Hello my fellow USAA people,

Let me preface this by saying I never do this kind of thing. I never write sour emails stating how lousy the service is, or how frustrated I was with the so-and-so but lord almighty this has been the most ridculous, infuriating, tedious and down right horrible thing I have ever undertaken. The first week is fine, they send you a big ole' folder with forms to fill out and send back. At this point, you aren't really talking to any loan officer, which is the best part because they (in my experience) are not helpful in the slightest. Once they have all those forms they will request a few more and claim, "Thats all the paperwork we need, everything should be good now." here is the reality, thats a big fat lie. You will hear, "We will need 'X'" more times than you hear yourself breathe, which is awful but expected in this process. However, what is not expected is the fact that trying to get a hold of your assigned loan officer is equivelnt to attempting to get in contact with the President of the United States of America during an invasion by aliens. It appears that all loan officers are free from 8:12 AM to 8:17 AM and 2:26 PM to 2:29 PM Central Time, but I have gotten to know their messages by heart and can lip-sync to them like Ashley Simpson live; fortunately most of their message machines sound better, so thats a plus. Another horrible thing is the timing in which the ask for these documents and the absolute red hot fury that begins amassing deep within your body. Take my current situation, I had submitted the basic paperwork at the beginning, plus several other forms and then asked, "Is there any other forms you need?" to which my loan officer said no, we have everything. Fast forward 3 weeks, ya know, like the week we are supposed to close and then I get a call saying, "We need 'X' 'X' 'X'" before we can submit it for final approval. Oh the anger, oh the frusttration, oh the obvious lack of customer appreciation. So, without the ability to do much else, which I am sure they laugh at frequently, I send in the paperwork that they should already have, but whatever. Then tonight, right before my loan officer leaves her office so I can in no way contact her unless by carrier pigeon, she leaves me a message saying, "Oh and we need this, by the way." we are supposed to close on Monday but because of her absolute irresponsible, ridiculous, unprofessional and above all heinous work ethic, it very well could mean the sellers just walk away. So thank you mortgage portion of USAA for totally making my first home buying experience a nightmare, thank you for giving me ulcers and constant headaches, thank you for all the stress and the worst service possible. Thank you, USAA mortgage portion, for making my life a more difficult than Dragonforce on Rockband on Expert setting for several months straight. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy and I am surprised I am not dead because of it. Everyone else at USAA, you rock - keep it up.


had the same issue then I uSed a local lender for a home loan and it was a much better experience.

I have heard so many similar horror stories about USAA's mortgage operations that I would not even consider using them.  They must use the lowest bidder to subcontract mortgage application processing.  And their rates are not even particularly great!  I have found at least two service-related credit unions that are much more helpful and competent, although still a pain in the tuchas.

Hmm, I'm sorry you had that experience. We bought our first home through USAA and while it has been several years now, I don't remember the experience being bad.

just wait until you have a problem or apply for something else.

Man thanks for keeping it 1000 with the people. It completely helped me in advance. Cause my patience runs a thin line.

No problem my friend. I am glad I could help you out.

Good to know. ..was thinking about a re-finance...

Dear Furious_Nice_Guy,

I cannot imagine your frustration (and stomach ache from the ulcers). This is not the experience we want you to have and a mortgage specialist will be in contact with you so we can do our best to have your closure happen on time. I apologize for the lack of communication thus far and hope we can rectify the situation. Thank you for taking the time to post here.

I would desperately appreciate that. I love USAA and have had the best service I could possibly imagine from all other sectors of this institution. I was absolutely blown away by the contrast of other USAA services compared to the mortgage services - complete opposites. I do readily admire and thank you for your wanting to help me in this situation.