I need some help! This will be our second time being relocated this summer and I don't want to make the same mistake twice. The first time my husband was in basic training and it was up to me where to move, it was difficult not only because I had no idea how to find a place but also because I had several people in my ear. In the end, we got stuck with a place that was too expensive and just not right for us. This time around it will be much easier because he is only in A School so we have plenty of communication. I'm still nervous though because we find out where we are going in a couple weeks. I've had an idea of wherever we get stationed, I can look up the local newspaper online and look for houses for rent and before we head there call and schedule to look at the houses so when we get there we are only stuck in a hotel for a couple days. What do you think of that? Are there any other suggestions in finding a home? We are going to start a family soon and we have 2 small dogs so also any tips on what to look for in a home would be great as well!


Coastie Codi, There are so many great resources available I have full confidence you will be able to find a good place to live within your budget! As soon as you find out where you will be moving, call the installation and make reservations at their hotel (for example, since we had orders to Lemoore, CA, we were able to get a few nights FREE at the Navy Lodge). Next you can being searching online rental listings like you suggested so at least you have an idea of some homes and neighborhoods you like. I like the sites militarybyowner.com or ahrn.com. I also have a dog (65lbs) and sometimes that makes it difficult to find a rental, be sure to make it clear you have pets and need a pet friendly home! Here are a few other tips: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_blogs/Community?action=communitypost&comm=milspouse&blogkey=milspouses... I wish you the best of luck!!
I am also getting ready to move while my husband in at BMT and Tech school! I am really nervous about finding a house and knowing what neighborhoods are safe! Did you have help from the housing office?

The only rule that I stick to when finding any home for a PCS is the school distric ratings, you can look this up online or with the help of Google get the top ten in the area you are moving to. After I have a few places in mind the next concideration is drive time and how large the base is that I am going to. If your drive time is twenty minutes but it will take you fourty minutes to get where you need to be, because it takes ten minutes to get on base and another thirty to get to where you are on base then maybe a closer area is best for you, or even on base. I know a lot of people are attracted to living off base because of the privitization of military housing that is happening and the allure of BAH, but if the drive is eliminated and you have most or all of your expenses paid for, for me its sometimes worth living on base.