Well, I thought we had things figured out with the mortgage department. I had posted earlier about non-responsiveness. NOW, 2 HOURS before the closing (which we were given YESTERDAY,) the mortgage department is looking for paperwork that has already been sent to them.


What kind of way is this to conduct business USAA?


I would have to say that I would ABSOLUTEY NOT recommend getting a mortgage through USAA. This has been a horror show.


PS- Brianna, I have a call in to Katherine R.


Hi jd01904,

Thank you for keeping us updated. I have again escalated your comments for further review.

We started our process on April 8 and finally closed July 15.  We had three closing dates in the process-the first cancelled because the processor never initiated a VA appraisal until a week before our closing and since there was a well and septic involved, we needed to have an inspection.  Number 2 cancellation was not due to USAA but the title people.  Number 3 almost didn't take place because even tho the go ahead was given and closing cost amount was obtained, there was another issue that popped up some time just before our appointment.  We ended up at the closing for over 3 hours and the seller did not received any money at the closing.  Not sure when that money crossed hands.  Our final cost was wrong and we were sent a refund for the difference after the closing date.  I called our processor to find out what happened and to this date, I have never received an answer.  I might add that he was our second processor.  The first had an emergency medical leave, but we were not contacted and told she was not available.  When we didn't receive any responses to our emails or phone calls, we finally talked to a supervisor. Other family members were going to obtain a VA loan from USAA but went elsewhere due to what happened to us and high closing cost estimate and loan origination costs.  Through all of this, we also cancelled our home and auto policies.  We were very disappointed in USAA.  We still do our investments with USAA, but I wish we had our old rep back.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful.  Too bad USAA changed advisors.  USAA may need to take a look at their policies and hiring practices.  Hope things go better for others.  Right now, on the street, all I hear is negative comments about USAA and VA loans themselves.  I don't know if we can consider ourselves lucky or not, but my husband has a VA disabiliity and therefore the VA processor was cheaper for us.  Oh, one more thing, the processor did not know about the rules surrounding getting a second VA loan.  Lucky we had a firend in the foreclosure end who helped us out with that.



Thank you for sharing your comments, we would surely like to look further into this and see if there is something we can do to help. I have sent your comments over to one of our mortgage specialists for review. Hang tight, someone will reach out to you directly. Thank you.