Horribly Disappointing Mortgage Department


Closing date is 1 day away and we have no closing documents and loan processor, Heather XXXXXXXXXX will not return our calls. Wish we had seen all of the negative posts about the mortgage department prior to proceeding with USAA but we thought that the process would be seemless since we have our checking, savings and insurance with them already. Home advantage program is a joke. Both the seller and ourselves are participating in that program but there has been no benefit to it so far. Communication has been non-existant and now we don't even know what to do since no one will give us an updated status. Looks like we will miss out on one of the most important purchases of our life because USAA has failed us. SHAME ON YOU USAA!!


Dear L&MStokes,

I have escalated your comments and concerns and a mortgage specialist will be reaching out to you. I apologize for the communication gaps and hope that we can work towards a timely closure on your home. We appreciate you posting in the community and ask that you please keep us updated. Thank you.

L&MStokes, we're you able to close today? I am scheduled to close on a house on 1 July and I feel USAA will fail to meet this date. Communication is extremely lacking on their part.
We did but only after much stress and strife and lots of pushing on our part. Had to complain until a regional Ioan manager got involved. Should not have gotten to that and thought that participating in the Movers Advantage program would help but not on ant level.

U have not seen anything yet keep dealing with them Ussa is not the company people think they are they sucks

jas 123,

I am so very sorry to hear you feel that way, and would like to collect further detail about how we can serve you better. If you could please messages here with some additional information, we would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

I would just like to point out that I chose not to go with USAA for our recent (closed on 03/30/2015) mortgage, and even with this national brick/mortar bank we used, I still had to call/email every day for the two weeks leading up to close.  I had to argue with ridiculous underwriter demands (that the underwriters didn't present until the final week). I had to contact the loan processing supervisor repeatedly.  My realtor even had to call several times.


As I didn't use USAA, I can't comment on whether they are at the top, middle or bottom of the pile in processing mortgage applications and closing.  But I can tell you that the complaints about USAA regarding the mortgage process are complaints that are experienced using other banks.


It boggles the mind that a financial activity (applying for a secured loan, purchasing a property, transfering title of property, notifying various state/governmental agencies of said transfer) that is done thousands of times a year can still be screwed up by most banks.  Why do banks (not just USAA) not have the underwriting department communicate in a better/comprehensive/timely fashion with the loan processor?

Did they give you a "worst case" scenario closing date.  That is what USAA Mortgage calls it.  As opposed to a firm closing date.  Don't count on it.  My closing date was supposed to happen May 18 and my newly assigned loan officer (5th to date) informed me to date that it wil not happen on May 18 and she could only give me a "worst case" scenario closing date of May 31.  It appears the appraisal should have been ordered two weeks ago and will not get ordered till tommorow.


Thank you for reaching out in Community. I regret to hear of your mortgage experience. I have requested a colleague review your situation and reach out to you to discuss in more detail. Thank you again for your post. 

Wow!! sounds exactly what I'm going through. I started the process in March going on 3 mos for a cash out refi to renovate my home. I got them the paperwork and all inspection requirements immediately upon request. My agent doesn't answer or return my calls, and I don't hear from her for at least 3 weeks at a time only to ask for my information that I have provided multiple times. I'm trying to be patient, but I'm on my last thread. I've attempted to get a hold of her supervisor's, but they are just as bad. I am beginning to wonder if anyone even works in that office. I as well have multiple accounts through them dedicated customer, but after this horrific experience am seriously considering pulling all my accounts from them and honestly don’t care if I have to pay more as long as they don't get my business anymore.