I have been loyal customer with USAA for nearly 20 years and never had any major issues with USAA until I came back from overseas in 2015. I have 3 open claims with USAA and I haven't seen anyone from USAA come out to my residence in well over a year. In addition, I was told that USAA isn't responsible for ensuring that a contractor does a quality job and it it my responsibility to communicate directly with the contractor. I've made several complaints to USAA about the contractor, with no assistance from USAA. Meanwhile, the contractor has been allowed to bully me while USAA stands by and does absolutely nothing. I've had two threats in writing from the contractor to place a lien hold against my property. After almost 15 months in USAA claims process, all the repairs to my residence have yet to be completed. Despite me expressing my extreme dissatisfaction of USAA's inhumane treatment of me. USAA hasn't sent anyone out to my residence to assess my claim. VERY HORRIBLE treatment by USAA.


Hot Pink Unicorn,


We apologize and can see you are disappointed with the level of service you have received.  We will have a specialist contact you to discuss your concerns further. 


HI Hot Pink

Im having issues for over two years with a contractor and USAA is hanging me out as well, did you even get any help?