Several problems have made our ongoing mortgage process an expensive oddsey.

To begin with our processor was not responsive.. Returning call only at the end of the day and seemingly preferring to speak with our realtor rather than us. Missing items were asked for at the 11th hour and right before the processor seemed to go home. My impression is that they reviewed our file only immediately prior to a deadline and invariably almost too late to avoid a delay.

Aside from a mediocre customer service the main problem was that USAA seems to work through a lot of third-party vendors. This makes anything to do with aprasal a never-ending Odyssey.

In the first instance the appraiser for are VA loan required some minor repairs and, trim around a screen porch and installation of some plastic light switch covers. The appraiser then went on vacation and we were told we had to wait for them to return as the vendor would not assign a new appraiser. After speaking with a supervisor we eventually were able to hire a new appraiser through our realtor and get it done in one day. This was after waiting for more than a week 4 USAA to accomplish the same task.

Currently we are in a hotel with our personal Goods in storage awaiting USAA to obtain a disaster report due to some wildfires in our region. According to the representative this involves an appraiser driving by the home and filling out a report. Originally presented as a 1 day delay this has now become something of an odyssey and we are told we are waiting for a reply from the vendor. USAA is apparently unable to do anything to expedite this.

I cannot in good conscience recommend having anything to do with USAAs Mortgage division. At a minimum because of their inability to deal properly with their vendors we haven't heard several thousand dollars of additional costs in the form of lodging and transfer and storage fees.

I will be happy to post an update if the situation is successfully resolved but I am becoming increasingly pessimistic. At the rate we're going I should probably start looking for a rental.




We regret to hear of your experience. This is not the type of service we expect for our employees. I have escalated your concerns for review and response. Someone will be reaching out to you to discuss this matter further.

Your first mistake was using USAA !!! I will NEVER recommend them!
Gus.. Thank you.. Please ask them to hurry.. We need all the assistance we can get.


We appreciate your patience as we review your information.  Thank you.