I have been with USAA for a really long time. And I have my Home owner's insurance, my car insurance, my kids' college fund investments (529), and few more things with USAA. Always, I say again Always, I have been a satisfied customer with USAA. They were times, they could not meet my needs ( car loan interest rates) BUT customer service and care I received was off the charts. Until, recently (29 oct 2014) when I applied for mortgage via VA secured loan. While it was at pre-qualification letter stage, customer service was as I expected of USAA, 5 star!!!  All went down hill after I presented my contract to USAA and I was assigned a loan officer. I get no feedback ergarding documents requested and I provided, if they were acceptable or not. I get no info for time line of process. Their ( loan department) entire operation based on REACT instead of be pro-active. I am not expert on this process. I will ask many questions and some will be stupid questions. it is requirement of a great customer service to answer my concerns and questions no matter how ligid or stupid they might be. Another annoying factor in this process is when I am lucky enough to get a response, it is an automated response. For instance, why my GFE ( good faith estimate) document dollar amounts and some info are not accurate? it is my undertsanding that it is a good faith estimate( should be pre-much accurate) of what I should expect to pay. reply received stated that it is not important GFE is not accurate, I will get final numbers at closing. THIS IS AN AUTOMATED RESPONSE and fits perfect with REACT instead of PROACTIVE. GFE did not include REMAX military rebate, GFE did not include accurate number(amount) of my assets, house built date was wrong, even tough USAA has copy of my LES, my income amounts were incorrect. I mean list goes on. When I attempt to contact my loan officer either by phone or via e-mail, good luck with that. never answering the phone( and I asked, if it was USAA policy-question was ignored) and e-mail replies usually 24 hrs late. How can you operate or have relationship with this horrible customer service. IF you are reading this, LEARN and do NOT use USAA mortgage....Point or two you may save, in a 30 year mortgage will make, may be 30-40 dollars a month difference. it is not worth for you to get irritated or annoyed. it is too late for me to pull out and go find another lender but sharing my experience. They tell you stuff after it happens, so you either stuck with the result or forced to act rapidly to fix it, pressure is on you, never a problem for them. They do not provide a customer service that explain each stage of the process, give you time lines that accurate, give you feedback ( positive or negative that requires corrective action by customer) on the documents provided. I mean, it has been 2 weeks since I loaded copy of my LES to their web site, it stil in in-review status. You ask yourself, what the heck??? You get concerned....is it going to be deal breaker perhaps scan quality was bad...Who you will ask? Who will let you know that LES was fine and accepted. Sure, not online system..last two weeks status in-review....get this, loan officer gets annoyed when you ask these questions...because I am taking their precious time from doing what I have no idea, I am the customer, they have  A JOB, because I am bringing my business...Well, be warned fellow USAA members. As great as USAA is stay the heck away from their mortgage department, unless you are a subject matter expert or live a care-free life, then sure, go ahead. I am off my soap box now. good luck to you all.



A mortgage specialist will be in contact with you shortly. I would like to apologize again for this lapse in service (I have responded to some of your other comments). I can only imagine the frustration of unanswered questions (rest assured there are NO stupid questions) and the lack of communication. We look forward to talking to you and ensuring everything about your mortgage process is fixed and remains on track. We truly appreciate your long time membership and hope we can restore your faith in our services. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

We had the same experience with our homebuying with USAA.  It was to the point our realtor, Laura Kaan, had to try to contact the lending department.  We constanlty were treated like we were an inconvience and this was in 2009.  It's a shame that this is still happening.  I just want to point out we love USAA for everything BUT lending.  If you are in Colorado Springs, Colorado call Shannon Scott with Peoples Bank 719-548-5182 she can help with any VA loans and is amazing.  Wish we would have used her first.  

I have to agree the process is infuriating and not only did they make mistakes they still owe me money that they said they were going to refund to me three months ago. They refused to participate in a grant that cost me 8,000 dollars and didn't tell me to the day before closing. The whole time telling me they were reviewing the grant option. So they purposfully manipulated that in order to keep my business and cost me the money and they owe me almost 2,000 for closing cost they screwed up.I have left messages with the resolution department that said they were going to refund the money and correct the issue. After telling me they attempted to deposit the money in my acount to no avail. They refuse to answer or return my phone calls. They cost me over 15,000k plus the guarannteed interest of 10% that I could have earned on my money. They are horrible in their knowledge of the loan process, misguide you and never ever answer or return phone calls in a timely manner if they even choose to respond to them, Never ever use their company for a mortgage!

Dear Irate,

I am so sorry to hear about the service you have received thus far. Please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com including your member number and the best way to contact you so that we can get someone in contact to help you sort out this situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

It's easy to say don't go with USAA and identify the problem but any solution would be great.The other alternatives to USAA are equally as bad or worse.
I completely agree. Not only are they completely disrespectful but they are denying us a loan when we have a big chunk of money in saving and my husbands without my income is way over the amount they need. We are being discriminated against because he is active duty with cancer received social security. Which is completely legal and ok with the social security office but I guess USAA makes there own rules and tells you after 45 days in escrow they are denying your loan. Not only have they screw over us they are making it harder to buy a house with a VA loan because they are screwing sellers over too.

Dear Livcm,

I have addressed your other comment here, but please know a loan specliat will be reaching out to you personally.