I just completed refinancing my home with USAA due to a separation/divorce.  i can honestly say i had the worst experience dealing with a company and the lack of customer service they provide.  I have been banking with USAA for a while now and i have never had a problem with this area, but my refinance process was an absolute nightmare once it was handed over to my loan specialist.  The entire process took 2 and a half months to complete- i provided all documents in a timely manner.  


Whenever i attempted to contact my loan officer (lakisha) i 90% of the time received her voicemail and not once did i ever get a call back despite leaving a voicemail.  She typically never responded to my emails either.


i received her welcome email Aug 13 to which i replied on Aug 16 after returning from vacation- did not receive a response. i emailed again on Aug 23 asking about a form that stated was required for my review process- did not receive a response.  Called her on Aug 25 as i had not heard from her- got her voicemail, left a message, no response.  I eventually gave up and called the 800 number, only to be transferred to Lakisha right away, who surprinsgly picked up, yet couldnt return my voicemail i left her earlier in the day.  With the conversation we had, i had to email some further information to her, which i did, and also asked some clarifying questions- once again- did not receive a response.  I emailed her again on Aug 29 asking her the same question on Aug 25- no response.


I had my appraisal done on Aug 29, and was told i could expect it within 2 days- so i emailed September 2 just asking for an update on how things were going, if i needed to provide any information.- No response.  Called several times after this an repeatedly received a voicemail with no response.  When i finally did get a hold of her, each time she said "im sorry i was out of the office".  If i called her in the morning, it would be 4:30 the next afternoon by the time she might call me back, she wasnt helpful at all and started to get annoyed with me the more i called asking for an update. My rate was set to expire on 9/27 and by 9/23 i still had not heard anything on my loan.


i got a waiver to sign that i waived my right to see my appraisal before closing that i refused to sign.  My appraisal was done on Aug 29 and i didnt receive it until late september.  I was told by that time i would not make my closing before my rate expired and it would probably be Mid October before i closed.  I was told the title company did not send the documents required.  Upon calling the title company i find out that USAA have not responded to their requests.  i end up having to co-ordinate between both companies to get the required information.


My rate expiration date came and went and i was still no further forward on my loan process, nor did i know where i was at.  I never once received a courtesy call or email from Lakisha advising me of what stage we were at.  Working in customer service this just infuriated me as i have a typical response time of 24hrs to answer an email or call, even if its just providing an update.  I just recently closed on 10/19 and to my surprise at closing USAA charged me $610 to extend my interest rate period!!!!  i was NEVER informed that there would be a charge to extend my rate- and least of all a charge that was no assessed for no fault of my own.


I have never been so disappointed with service provided.  I typically dont write reviews but my experience was awful and i want to make others aware.  I would never recommend USAA for a refinancing process at all.  I am extremely unhappy with the service provided and $610 in the hole because of it all.


i hope someone else sees this post before they refinance with USAA and saves themselves the hassle that a lot of people are clearly having with USAA and their mortgage team.  Some serious training in customer service is needed!!






We regret to hear of your experience in the processing of your mortgage loan. USAA is committed to providing our members with smooth experiences and regret this is not what you encountered. I have shared your comments with a colleague for review. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter with you further. Thank you. -Gus

USAA-You need to refund her $610 - this is a common theme that there is a lack of communication and if the member was not told about the fee it may a violation of the member's right to a good faith estimate of closing costs.  It does not do any good to keep telling members that it will be researched - USAA needs to respond on this Member Community Board that "yep we screwed up and we are going to make it right".