Homeowners property claim Who’s the victim?

James medic
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I’ve been a loyal customer of Usaa for 10+ years. I can say that I take advantage of every service Usaa provides including checking, savings, credit card and monitoring, auto insurance, mortgage and homeowners insuranse. Before July 9, 2018, all my experiences with Usaa have been awesome but today I am considering canceling all my services due to the way my property claim is being handled. I have ended phone calls with Usaa in the last three weeks feeling demeaned, unvalued and my character questioned. A little back story. I returned from vacation on July 9, 2018 to find my home burglarized. I immediately contacted my office management and filed a police report. After I called Usaa to file a claim. The agent was totally helpful advising me to conduct a thorough search and send in a list of items that were missing through the mobile app. Also advised that any high valued items totaling $500 would need a verification of ownership. I completed the inventory list and sent it as requested. My second phone was good also. I unfortunately had a break in last year and she was able to clear up some things on that claim during that call. The purpose of the call was to verify what could be used as verification of ownership which the agent explain receipts, pictures, boxes and documents would be sufficient. I uploaded what was asked by the following day. I called back a third time and spoke to Cori McNaugh ext [removed sensitive data] to follow up on any additional items needed. This interaction was horrific. She nasty and demeaning to my situation and the claim process. She questioned if I even reported the claim to office management and athorities. I told her that I was given the option to move out my apartment for safety reasons early and she responded with “really you only been there for 3 months.” It was an unprofessional interaction and afterwards I called whoever would listen including two agents and a supervisor to report what happened. Not sure if it fell on deaf eyes. Since that call I’ve found myself being investigated by Special investigator Jackie Johnston ext [removed sensitive data], Kaylee Pahl ext [removed sensitive data] and supervisor Brett Bastedo who have picked apart every item I sent submitted and are requiring receipts for everything thing including protein powder and multivitamins I purchased from GNC totaling $50 each. I’m feeling very small and overwhelmed in this situation, like I’m being taken advantage of. Instead of helping me recover the items I lost they are trying to find a way not to honor my claim. I am being made a fool of and livid with this entire experience. This is the last draw. Even though I know they are trying to make an example out of me I have provided everything they have ask and they change it every time. I’ve had two back surgeries and one neck surgery with replacement disc and Im literally going store to store hunting down receipts for $50 items. I know this is not protocal and I need help.


Hello @James medic, I regret this has been your experience and understand your frustration with this situation. Your membership is very important to us and we want to help in any way we can. I will reach out to our claims partners to review your situation.Rest assured someone will contact you to address your concerns. Thank you for reaching out. ~Nekeysha

When it comes to personal property, the burden of proof is on you to prove what you had. There is something about your claim that is raising red flags and requiring further investigation. It can a long process but the information is needed

This certainly is 180 degrees out from my experiences.  A few years ago I had a rather major wind damage claim.  USAA sent an outside adjuster by, which I found unhelpful.  I called and they immediately sent the next day a USAA adjuster who normally did not handle claims this small.  I showed him pictures of personal items lost, he examined the damage and put a check in my account, less depreciation which was to be added when damage was repaired, the same day.  Advised me of some inflated estimates I had from contractors which allowed me to seek more reasonable assistance.  Even included a new roof for my entire house when only 1/4 at most was damaged.  He continued to call at least weekly to check on the progress and as soon as work was completed he came by and reimbursed me for depreciation.

Hi @Swampy or Skinny, thank you for sharing your experience with our members. I am delighted to know that you were satisfied with the level of service you received. Thank you for trusting USAA. ~Nekeysha

This is AWEFUL! It sounds as if they are spending more money on man hours to dispell your claim instead of assisting you.

I am experiencing this run around with USAA right now. I been a member with USAA over 10 years and I had my car broken into twice. Once in October 2017 and second recently August 2018. This time around, they want to send a claims special units investigator to my home. I have NEVER had anyone come and investigate a claim. The way the claim adjuster was questioning me like I'm a liar is very unsettling. I understand its her job but to be treated like I'm a liar, like I'm trying get more or something that's what I don't like. People work hard for their items and I pay insurance monthly and to use it to assist when things bad happen is what I pay for. She questioned me about why I keep leaving my items in my car since they broke in once. I'm like it was almost a year ago, I can't control random acts a theft. Now I had knee surgery the day before the break in and my hospital personal belonging bag was still in the car and sadly that's one of the items they took along with my nursing bag. She asked why didnt I take the bag into the house after coming home from the hospital. But my family wasn't worried about the bag, they were trying get me out the car safely. She even questioned my shoes on claim. Saying "how they steal ur shoes if you had them on" I didnt have them on, I had the socks that the hospital gives you on bc they wheeled me to the car and putting on the shoe hurt bc the surgery, so the shoes where in the personal property bag. I literally had to explain my every detail. It was humiliating. I had receipts and even photos and text messages regarding those items from over 6 months ago and they act like Im lying. One item in particular they are concerned with bc she said they replaced it before. Which is my stethoscope. Hello I'm a nurse, I need a stethoscope. But sadly I don't have the proof of receipt it was replaced. I do have photos: 1 photo shows stethoscope with engraving and another photo shows stethoscope without engraving and along with a message from my coworker saying "hey girlie this yours," bc I left it at work one day. That message was December
2017. Just very frustrated to be treated like I'm a liar. Just want my items replaced, that's all. Idk I think they making things very hard now. Honestly I am ready to find a new insurance company because of this experience. I have 2 full coverage auto policies and renters insurance. Hmm I believe I have covered my items and then some with monthly payments to premiums. My claim was reported over a week ago the break in was over 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting. Just feeling like I don't matter.

@Lov3ly, thank you for the feedback.  We definitely do not want our members to feel uncomfortable when submitting a claim.  I located the file and reviewed the notes.  A claim specialist will be following up with you to discuss the status of the claim. - Ina