I Calle stop inquire about homeowners insurance and the representative Jason was not only rude but kept trying to intimidate me with his questions about why I didn't want to use the $173,000 policy for dwelling. I told him how he was trying to intimidate me with his questions. He asked if he could help me and I time him that he hasn't helped me this far and that I wanted to be transferred to a representative who wouldn't try to intimidate me. And guess what good ole Jason did? You guessed right, he hung up in my face. These are the representatives that USAA have working for them and disrespecting their loyal customers. Smh. I called back for a manager before the end of business hours and guess what again? I have yet to speak to anyone. If I find a better quote elsewhere, I'm closing all of my accounts with USAA and you can thank Jason and the few other rude representatives that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Such a disgrace and I will continue to the ladder until Jason has no job.


I called to (my edit of my post)!
I told him not time
Was it that the quote was too high? How were you made to feel intimidated?
He kept questioning me about why I didn't want the 173,000 coverage and he just kept saying why this and why that and all I wanted to know was 139,000 the lowest it goes.
I have never been intimidated by anyone there that's not to say that you have been. I want to make that very clear. I find that most of the time why there asking why it's to figure out what they can do to help. Also to make sure your home is fully covered. Most people don't think about everything that have in there home God forbid there a fire or some like that. Rebuilding the house is easy but all your cloths, appliances, furniture, technology equipment. It very easy to forget how much stuff is actually in your house. I have talked to many of my friends about this actually and most of them are in my option under insured. But you know your situation more than I hope I helped.
Compwiz323 thank you for your response. I was renting my condo and had been for 13 years before a fire at the hands of a neighbor displaced us. We decided to purchase a home and I know home owners insurance is different from renters insurance, which is what I've had all these years. From the moment Jason answered the phone, which was not professional, it all went down hill. We will be first time home buyers and I want to make sure that we have exactly what we need for coverage.

Bossy80, I apologize that you had poor member experience. An insurance specialist is reviewing your comments and will be reaching out to you today to discuss your experience and to help get you the coverage you need for your new home