I've been a USAA member for several years and have always been satisfied with their service. That's why I was surprised and disappointed with a recent decision they made regarding my homeowners insurance property claim. Due to damage sustained by a recent hailstorm USAA replaced my roof, garage door, gutters and downspouts, screens, and a significant portion of the siding. The work is almost done now and everything looks great except for the siding. The problem is that the new siding is noticeably darker in color in the old siding. Initially I wasn't worried because I assumed USAA would take care of me. I uploaded a few pictures to the claim center showing the difference in color and requested that all the siding be replaced. Today I got a call from the claims adjuster who told me they wouldn't be replacing all the siding despite a noticeable difference in color. Now I have a house with two different colors siding. I still just can't believe USAA would treat their members this way. The reason I chose USAA homeowners insurance in the first place was to avoid these exact kind of situations. This is something I would expect from a cut rate insurance company, not USAA, which should be the gold standard. Does anyone know how I can go about appealing this decision?



I am sorry to hear about the hail damage to your house.  I definitely want to have your concerns regarding the siding reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a member of management who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Thank you, Mike