11/4, I was victomized while I slept in my home, by my then GF and her pregnant homeless "friend".  Not only did they assult me in my sleep (chloroform soaked towel placed over my head), but they stole $14,000 of my belongings, cash, broke a box full of hand blown scientific glassware, and ripped up almost every single ceramic tile in my kitchen and dinning room looking for hidden cash.


USAA after treating me like a criminal over the phone, insults me futher by dening the claim on my belongings, completlt forgetting about the glassware, and issuing me a payment of $2600 - my detutable $1000, for the damage to my kitchen and dining room. That payment is not even close to the cost to repairs.


I havn't gotten a quote but it doesnt take a genuins to know that the exposed cement board which is not properly installed will have to be pulled up and repairs made to the subfloor in several places before plywood and floor covering can be reinstalled, not to mention that my lower cabnets will have to be removed to effect repairs which will also require plumbing and electical work and inspections from the city, so licensed electrician and plumber will be required... the lower cabnets are custom built inpalce work so they will have to be removed and significantly modified or replaced with standard lower cabnets.  No way $2600 even comes close to the materials required.  So instead of relying on the adjuster USAA send out I'll now have to waste more of my own time and call out contractors and get real quotes.


The forgotten broken items, oh once I mentioned those another payment issued for $650, surprisingly very close to replacment costs. Strange how they were just overlooked...


Now the two women that victomized me, well USAA made a change in their homeowners policys in January 2019 that completly modified the the theift section, and that change went into effect on 9/30 for my policy I belive.  So since those women lived in my home for more than 30 consecutive days, USAA wont do anything. Infact the agent was rather condisinding to me when I mentioned how convienant that is. Saying we have to follow the contract... 


Well USAA was in for a shock since they only asked me when these women orginaly moved in... never asked me if they had lived their more than 30 consecutive days or not... because they hadn't.  And then when I point out to them that at the very most they had only lived in my home for 22 consecutive days.  A manager makes a comment to the effect;


"...Consecutive does not mean that they can't leave your home durring the time they were living with you...." 


Are you kidding me, I didnt say they left and came back, Im saying they moved out with no intent to return and were gone for an entire weekend, my then ex gf did not speak to me at all untill the following monday October 11th, and I then convinced her to move back in and she started that evening.  I really wish she didnt now in hindsight. Then none of this would be an issue at all. But the fact is neither my then GF or her friend resided in my home for 30 days.  


Apparently the truth doesnt matter to USAA and they only want to follow the legal contract when it benifits them, because as soon as their screwed up contract change starts to benifit me they dont want to honor it.


Then after getting the same manaager to reply with "i'm familure with this policy provision, and Ill review it and get backwith you in a few days and leet you know if the decision has changed..." Well if you are familure with the policy why does it take a few days to make a decision?  And why did my claim update as complete? Its not complete not by a long shot.


Every year rates go up, almot every year USAA changes the policy language to exclude more and more. This last one was under the guise of expanding coverage for the sharing economy! Well I'm sorry to any members that rent rooms on AirBNB or whatever, but you are running a buisness, and really should buy a diffrent policy for that@#$!. My homeowners policy should not be changed to included a bunch of@#$! about temporary rentals...  When this is over I am switching everything away from USAA. I dont care if I have to pay more with another company or not.  USAA has gone to complete @#$!, I used to implicity trust that they had my best instrest at heart.  I dont know what happened, but I have noticed over the last few years service has gone from "WOW thank you USAA!!!" to the worst experiance I could have imagined.


However at least they are consistant with the trend in their service, every time I call now it is worse than the last time. And surprisingly most of the time it isn't the front line people.  They always seem like they really want to help, its the managment of USAA, and their policies.  I have no idea what direction the managment of USAA is trying to go, I just know I want off the bus because wherever that destination is, it is not somewhere I want to be.


Anyone have recomendations for homeowners insurance outside USAA?  


And USAA, you can bet at the very least I will be filing a compaint with the Insurance Comisson here in Arkansas.  Furthermore your decision to hang yourselfs on the incorrect definition of consecutive, well that is not only just plain stupid, here in Arkansas we call this kind of stupid lawyer stupid. (Not exactly sure why... maybe because JimBob Jr. down the road who passed the state bar even though he cant read could whoop ya in court.)


@sometouw, thank you for reaching out. I hate to hear you are not having a positive claim experience. We take your concerns very seriously, so I am am going to escalate your concerns to a subject matter expert to address your questions and concerns. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. -LeKisha

Yes, homeonwers insurance is a joke... several months for a $1500 claim, that I received 2/3 in payment. They also, always try to sell you extra products you do not need. They also advertise the heck out of the company when I was told 30 or more years ago that they didn't advertise because advertising was so expensive... now they are all over the TV... did ad rates drop THAT much... I don't trust USAA; I do NOT have checking or savings accounts/investments with them... they bailed on many folks after Hurricane Katrina as well, and left me with govt support... if there were MORE choices, I wouldn't be with them at all. Their "auto" insurance seems to be one of the few bright spots for the company. Service has dropped steadily over the years, though I DO still receive the kickback (subscriber's account or whatever they call it) from the overpayment of premiums every year... If my father hadn't suggested them for coverage when I was a young, impressionable (and ignorant) lieutenant, I wouldn't be with them today. I could go on and on... thank you.

Keep us informed, I also had big trouble with home ins. at USAA.  After storm damage repair, the paid the contracting their extravigant over charges, even after I had informed USAA they had NOT done.   I am still in Court, spending my own money to prosecute the Company and their lawyer for lying in Court about the work, even tho. I have photos, Quotes from USAA's own estimator, and the contractors own letter admitting they did not do the work.  Usaa will not aid me in this Ins. fraud case becus they already paid the bill and "The case is Closed!"..I am now being forced into court alone, no local lawyers will not help me fight against one of their own;  in a large, highly established firm, or a local, good ole boy constrction company.  If I do not win this case for "Breech of Contract" I will be forced to default on my mortgage, possibly plead bankruptcy.  I am not going to pay close to $50,000 for work not done but already paid for, including a new roof with two new leaks in my front room and family room.  Usaa considers my case closed and I'm 76 y/o!      packerbacker617


@USAA Social Service, 


Really?  I havn't recieved a call, email, message, nor any response on the claims communication center!

It's been over 4 weeks now and you said 3-4 business days!  Or did I missunderstand you?

@sometouw, thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear you have not heard back from USAA regarding your claim. I would like to connect you with a specialist that can assist you. I am escalating this issue to a subject matter expert for review and to follow-up with you. Please expect contact within 1-2 business days. -LeKisha