Homeowners claim - not going well - no one responds

First time we have ever filed a claim.  Spoke to the representative once and now for days left several messages and emails through the USAA app and no response.  We received a electronic funds notice for funds sent to account at a bank where we do not have accounts.  So where is the money?  We are so disappointed and frustrated that no one can take just a few minutes to call us back.  


@Boatman12, I recognize and understand your concerns, and I apologize you have not heard back from your adjuster. We always want to make the claim process as easy as possible, so I am going to escalate this issue to a subject matter expert. The subject matter expert will review the claim and follow up with you. Please expect contact within 1-2 business days. -LeKisha

I've had the same issue. No one reponds and if they do call you, best be ready to speak to them right that minute. The called once when I was driving, told the rep that asked if she would call me back in a few minutes. It was weeks, I had just woken abnd was on way to bathroom, she would call back in 20 minutes, 20 days later I heard from her. Submitted claim for $17,00 had very few receipts, but I had LOST EVERYTHING! Policy limit 25,000. I asked about receipts when claim was filed told not to worry about they would yse average replacement cost pricing. Does $10 soud about right for men's polo shirt or $25 for athletic shoes? Received check for $7,000. Then submitted an additional item as I had unreimbursed fraud and asked about coverage, yes I was told I had $1,000 available coverage. Submitted for $3200 easlily proven. Received email  check was issued for $1,000, 20 minutes later check was canceled. Wrote in thru app to ask why 2 weeks ago, still waiting for response.  

@cynctyguy, I am so sorry to hear that your family has lost everything and hope you are all doing okay. I understand the frustration and apologize for the experience you've had with this claim especially during this difficult time. We definitely don't want to add to your stress. I want to confirm I've escalated your message to our team who can assist further on your behalf. I want to make sure that your concerns are addressed quickly. -Lori