Why is USAA Legal Thieves? Well recently i reviewed my coverages and yearly premium and shopped around for a better rate. Deep East Texas, coverage. USAA location San Antonio, My cost is $1,888.00 per yr. Shopped 3 others with my current policy agreements, for same cost of one premium i can combine all 3 of my policies for a yearly cost of $ 1,892.56, that covers 2 autos,1 travel trailer, and home with 4 acres. With the same benefits that usaa offers but with home protector at 15% to 25% at usaa. "What would you do"?
P.S. Use a has tried to help with a lowering of home value on policy to save me $6.85 a month so 79.00 yr. And placed it into effect As of today, I didn't ask for that.As much as I am trying to stay loyal to Usaa I believe it's time to get wiser with my financial well-being.


Hello @173rd, I'm sorry for the frustration with your account. We definitely don't want you to feel this way about your policies and the last thing we want is to lose your trust.I want to confirm I've forwarded our conversation to the best team to review further on your behalf. I want to make sure that your concerns are addressed properly and we exhaust all efforts to continue to have the opportunity to serve you and your family. -Lori G

Well if it has been past to the best teams, for review they will only laugh at it, cause I was told by USAA. Agents that "We don't Price match" well that is not what i said either, I just wanted to lower my premiums to a more manageable rate if that means me leaving USAA to do so I will.
@173rd, I have the same issue which forced me to either remove coverages or increase my deductibles for vehicles and home. I'm going to be shopping around myself. Been insured with USAA since the early-mid 1980s. I really like USAA, but it won't stop me from looking for greener pastures. I did that on the banking side almost three years ago. Just don't cut the coverages to save a few dollars. It's not worth it and may cost you if you ever need help.

For USAA: No need to upchannel.
Thank you for your comment, just afraid that for 3 yrs i have been blinded by loyalty to one institution for my needs, i feel betrayed cause I am Disabled due to TBI,and other injuries,I only live on my VA benifits with wife and 2 kids, so with this I have to change to look out for the best interest of my family.
You need to never call this useless company again and call any other insurance company in North America.

I’ve been a full time Mortgage Loan Officer for 25 years and USAA is by far the most expensive, most difficult to deal with, and the dumbest company I’ve ever spoken with.

We too received a massive increase letter for insurance a few years ago. When I called to ask why, no one could tell me.

Do yourself a massive favor - Never Ever Ever use USAA for anything again.

This is the worst run organization I’ve ever dealt with.