Homeowners Policy paid three times in one year

Call me an idiot, a moron, stupid, or whatever else springs to mind: on September 1st 2021, I will have paid to USAA $9,000.00 for a $3,000.00 USAA Homeowners Policy.

This is my 1st Homeowners Policy and 1st time buying a house. I am almost 50, but there was never a need or occasion to buy a house since the nature of Service doesn’t really allow the option of staying in one location for more than a couple of years. My expertise and experience are in fields not related to purchasing homes or insuring them. I pay the professionals for their expertise.

After 20 plus years, I have obviously misjudged USAA to be professional or have expertise.

At Closing, I paid $3,000.00 for my first year premium. Moving into the new house, wife having critical surgery, and everything else that just involves moving a roll of toilet paper from a rental to a bright, shiny house occupied my tiny brain. 6 weeks after closing USAA began billing me, automatic withdrawal, monthly for the Homeowners Policy.

From the end of September 2020 to now I have paid the entire premium at closing = $3,000.00, 11 installments to USAA/ Nationstar = $2,700.00, and $2,700 directly to USAA Insurance for the same exact policy.

Twice, I have called the professionals of USAA, that I trusted to insure my 1st home purchase. Both times I was told the payments involved escrow, was schooled about what mysteries involve escrow, and was told I was paying future payments to the following year for the USAA policy, the payments were correct, and everything was sunny, happy, that USAA loved me and thanked me for my service.

I have finally realized that I have been holding both ankles for 11 months. I spoke with Nationstar this morning, the agent told me everything was incorrect (she went above and beyond). Nationstar conferenced USAA Insurance into the conversation and the USAA professional that pay for my policy transferred the call to another agent at Nationstar. Obviously, USAA felt that during the 3 minute conference call that it was not USAA’s problem or worth the time to find out why their customer has paid almost $9,000.00 for the $3,000.00 policy.

There is nothing more enjoyable than being thanked for my service and being told that I am valued and loved, passing the buck back to the very USAA mortgage company that called USAA Insurance. USAA is happy to take 3 times the money and give no joy in return; I have been holding my ankles.

I can only recommend to those contemplating USAA mortgages or homeowners policies to run. Run far away from this once awesome, highly recommended institution that has lost the greatness it once was. As I am 100% service-connected P&T disabled, I wonder if USAA has become P&T disabled as well.
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Hello, @Irrelevant. Thank you for your service and membership. I'm very concerned to read that this has been your experience. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review and support on this. ~ Steven

Thank you, Steven, for forwarding, what was a debacle to the appropriate someone.

However, it has now turned into such a failure. USAA has my $2,934.56. Yet instead of refunding it to me, it appears that it has been applied to next years homeowners premium as well as my auto policy and valuable personal property policy. There was 1 step forward, then a turn around, and a 5 step running leap off a cliff.

I have waisted an entire morning waiting for a scheduled phone call from Billing. It took me calling in to find out that the scheduled call has been rescheduled for tomorrow. No one called, texted, emailed, smoke signaled or miracled to me to inquire if I would even be available tomorrow.

I’ve lost my patience and have given USAA the benefit of doubt too many times. While I am waiting for a reply to the office that you forwarded me to, I will be getting quotes for all of insurance needs and switching my direct deposits to Navy Fed.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have USAA members call to speak with reps, who then put the member on hold so that they can speak with another rep behind the curtain for half of the phone call should be fired. What entity or department (insurance billing?) or who is so SECRET at USAA that a member cannot speak with to retrieve their money.

BBB, FTC, and all other consumer advocates and agencies prepare to briefed.

Hey, USAA CEO, why don’t you get involved since this Company (not an Association) has been busted already for grifting members.

The USAA CEO get involved with a lowly person like you?  How dare you think that that might happen.  He is too busy making his $5,000,000.00/year salary and instilling his "woke" beliefs onto USAA to EVER be concerned about anything regarding you.  Leave USAA.  The "old" USAA appears to be gone forever.